The real story about the Bank Negara’s 56 acres, RM2bil, land purchase from the government. 
It was definitely meant to go towards payment of 1MDB debt. BNM was instructed to make payment directly ,into a 1MDB subsidiary .When it was brought up to the BNM BOD, they said NO, and that they will only pay into a consolidated fund account. But MOF’s Siregar twisted their arm (obviously on Pm’s directive) and they had to agree. They were told not to make any press release or announcement before 1st Jan to ensure that all the money was ‘cleared’ into the 1MDB Subsidiary Company’s account first. Announcement was made on 4 Jan..And Bank Negara Deputy Governor also resigned well before that…..!!!

Damned ! Country is run by Mafia and robbers 😤😡😡