Pahang, more then any other state, is the beachhead for China’s immigrant invasion into Malaysia. Pahang is also where this Idiot has his base. 
Jalan Gebeng in Kuantan is now Jalan Qinzhou. The Kuantan Port being built by the Chinese can control all of the Western/South China Sea. Are the people of Pahang aware of  what all this will mean for them? Are the rural Malays, whose votes in GE 14 will determine our future, aware of this gradual invasion of their state by China? In Sudan and Sri Lanka, some of the management and workers are seconded from the Chinese Army. Is it any different in Kuantan? 
How many workers from China are now in Kuantan? We know that once China dominates any country in the financial and investments sectors, they will bring with them Chinese from China to work in that economy/country. Foreign workers/pendatangs already in Pahang will be replaced by these workers from China. Soon in Pahang there will be investors, financiers, management and workers from China – all migrants welcomed by the Idiot and his corrupt cohorts. Welcome because this Idiot and his government is actively selling us all out to China to line their own pockets with dedak. At what costs? Soon economic domination by China will translate into direct rule over Pahang – if that has not already started in Pahang!
I hope the Malays who are ex Army, Police and Home Guard retirees in Pahang, will not forget what communists brought with them in the past. 
God help our country.