Let us now talk about Emergency Rule. 

Ask any of the BN ministers and they will tell you that the Idiot will not preempt GE 14 by declaring an Emergency. Ask them again if the Idiot will declare an Emergency to avoid passing power to Tun Dr Mahathir should BN lose GE 14…and their answer will be an uncomfortable silence. 

BN is going to lose but they will not give up power. So, what will happen?

If an Emergency, for whatever reason, is declared by that Idiot in order to stay in power…will the Army Generals and the Police Chiefs who take part in effecting that Emergency be guilty of treason? And for that kind of  treason, is not death be the penalty?

This rahsia umun is now being talked about openly. PH leaders, includingTun Dr Mahathir have warned Najib against thinking of declaring an Emergency for any reasons and under any circumstance, if by doing so, he retains government. In his recent meeting with the 14 EU Ambassadors and 3 Charge de Affairs,Tun have appraised them of that possibility. 

Or is this just another red herring…another distraction to cause PH to spread it’s already meagre resources into yet another area that its has got to manage? 

Whatever your views and thinking about this we can be certain of one thing. Now that all this is out in the open and being actively discussed and debated by many many Malaysians, the likelihood of it actually happening is proportionately diminished, decrease and discourage. You can be assured that the Idiot will now think twice or thrice, before he does it. 
What do you think?