The judgment against Rafizi is the clearest evidence that the contaminated institutions of the country would struggle with the simple sewage maintenance  and waste disposal of this country. 
Each person or individual involved is a walking, living piece of excrement that should have been flushed down a public toilet a long time ago.
The Malaysia that incarcerated Rafizi the son is systemically destroyed by a top notch ruthless professional criminal whose pastime is being a Pimp Minister and his latest futile attempt at acquiring respect is by laying claim to standing near the  grave of the venerated prophet. This unsustainable claim which is unspeakable, unmentionable, unbelievable and impossible is that which this impotent illusive Pimp Minister will in an outlandish and outrageous manner express with smug confidence as we have imbeciles supporting him. He is so egotistically arrogant and beyond shame that he doesn’t care about his stupidity. Since he is known internationally for what he is let us use the common sign language that is widely accepted by the international community – the infamous middle finger should suffice for now.
The Malaysia that sanctioned Rafizi’s the father’s prosecution is in the hands of Cabinet Ministers who are not only criminal but are eunuchs appointed by the Pimp Minister. Each is a Crime Minister whose original specialisation is serial criminal stupidity. They are all complicit in the thievery, they don’t care what Malaysians have to say, they have enough loot to abscond to any getaway.  
The Malaysia that sanctioned Rafizi’s the husband’s persecution is in a state of managed lawlessness and anarchy by the toothless Police force who are the personal security apparatus of the Pimp Minister, his family and his cohorts. They have the blood of innocent on their hands. It is selective in apprehending persons. Forensic independent investigation may reveal that they could very well be the wealthiest Police personal in the world.
The Malaysia that prosecuted Rafizi the husband with this ordeal is in the hands of a clumsy clod of an Attorney General whose legal fumbling with the rumbling and mumbling is of legendary proportion that would invoke insane laughter. He is the sycophant who can see, hear, know and feel the obvious criminality and despite receiving international evidence, or knowing the law is of the qualified opinion that Pimp Ministers laws are in excess of any law.    
The Malaysia that investigated Rafizi the parliamentarian is in the hands of MACC which is headed by a stud and has a history of unsolved murders with their own officer being murdered. Yet they cannot apprehend or investigate the ones who pillage and plunder before their eyes.
The Malaysia that judged Rafizi the idealist is in the hands of a judiciary of cowards with plagiarised souls and judgments written by politicians.  

Is all this not treachery ? 
Is all this not treason? 
Is all this not betrayal? 

If we will not vote them out on account of criminality, treachery, thievery, or murder! Can we vote them out on asinine stupidity ? 
If the stupidity is to be legalised in equivalence to the genocide of the holocaust, Malaysia would contribute substantially from the groups that were mentioned.
The Malaysia that really condemns Rafizi Ramili, Anwar Ibrahim and has been complicit in the deaths of Teoh Beng Hock, Kugan, Kevin Morris, Shukri, Ahamad Sabarani Mohammad or the missing Pastor Raymond is ultimately you, us, me and anyone else supporting the existing regime, those who are not voting and all those voting them into existence.

Do we have the gall, grit and courage to kick every one of these vile and foul hoodlums, thugs, thieves, and scumbags out- otherwise we are complicit of an innocent man incarcerated on behalf of us and many other crimes.