The man of the moment is Rafizi. Sentenced to 30 months jail for exposing NFC Banking details. Once we get beyond the personal issues…that of a husband and a father forcibly taken away from his loved ones….we get to the nitty gritty of the issue. That of a Pakatan Harapan politician who had the potential to make a difference to PRU 14 and a difference to the government to be formed, should PH wins PRU 14. 
And what does he do? 
The same thing that Anwar Ibrahim did. By what they did these two have given the Idiot a reason to put them away at a time when they are most needed by PH and by us. I am not going into the reasons why they have both been neutralised by the Idiot…the fact of the matter is simply this : They have been neutralised. 
Surely they both should have exercised greater caution in the things that they do and say? Surely they both should have enough sense to NOT give any reason for that Idiot to prosecute and persecute them? But they have. 
I hope this will be lesson to other PH politicians. You are not Tun Dr Mahathir. It would take the courage of a Lion for the Idiot to jail Tun for whatever reason that they can cook up…and courage of a Lion this Idiot does not have. But Anwar and Rafizi and anybody else is fair game for this Idiot to tangkap.
So from today and until PRU 14 is signed sealed and delivered…can all those PH candidates standing for election make sure that they lead exemplary lives, if you are muslim do not drink and fornicate outside the bonds of marriage, if you are an infidel make sure you follow the laws of the land and give no reason for that Idiot to have you become a person of interest to PDRM. No scandals, no slip of the tongue, no fooling around with somebody’s wife or girlfriend…and please please please…just focus on winning PRU 14. 
We will be watching you.

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