I do not think that when he was Lord of All that he surveyed, Saddam Hussein would have thought that he could end his days dangling from the end of a hangman’s noose. Can you imagine what would have gone through Hitler’s mind as he realized that his end was near in that underground bunker many many years ago? There is also the Shah of Persia, Marcos, Suharto….all once powerful leaders who died scorned and hated by the very people they once ruled over. Our Tunku did not die in peace…the last years of his productive life was spent fighting the very UMNO he was once leader of. Now we have Mahathir past 90 and Anwar Ibrahim past 70, also doing the same thing.
For those of us that sees all this and also makes an effort to understand human nature we know that all this are the theatre of life. I can go into NST this morning or Bernama and pull out any number of items that I want then dissect and spin them to any conclusion that I want – in support of BN or PR. To highlight Najib’s success in guiding Malaysia towards a better future or to highlight Najib’s failure to address the ills of UMNO. And I can do all this and still maintain my “credibility” as a writer …well at least to my own satisfaction.
But in the quiet of the evening when I am alone in my thoughts….this are the things that really matters….at least to me. Am I comfortable within myself with the things that I do? The things that I will or will not accept of life around me?
Do not color your “comfortableness” by race, religion or political affiliations. Just ask yourself “Is it right?”. Is it right that a 92 year old man is trying to make right what is wrong with politics in our country? Is it right that the wife of our Prime Minister is bent on taking center stage in the affairs of our country? Is it right that our politicians are regarded as dogs, pigs and the lowest form of human beings in our country? 
Is it right that there is still no closure on Altantuya? That the parents and family of Teoh Beng Hock, Kugan and Aminurasyid are still asking for justice from the authorities?
Is it right that we have one of the leaders of the opposition incarcerated in Sungai Buloh and soon, we will have another one, Rafizi, joining Anwar?
When will all this madness cease? Where did it all started from? Mahathir? Pak Lah? Najib? Or us? 
Your thought process is important. For our country to change YOU must change. YOU must see all these abuses by our politicians as being wrong. What they do is evil because no good men or women would steal millions of Ringgits from the very people they are leaders of! No good men or women would ignore the need to find answers to the death of Altantuya, Teoh, Beng Hock, Kugan and Aminurasyid amongst others. No good men or women will act the way most of our our politicians are now acting – with arrogance, contempt and without understanding the aspirations of the people that voted them into office.
That I can write about this is and have you read about it is a start. You can do the same. If you cannot write then go talk to someone and make them see the need to change their way of thinking. We must rid ourselves of these people that have drag our country, our people our way of life into the same abyss that they are now in. To do anything less would mean that we have failed our children and in the process failed ourselves. So stop asking me to highlight the corruption and the abuse of power within our country. I have done that in the past and more….and I will do so again when I think it appropriate.
For now change yourself….and change some one with you.