I have made many mistakes in my life….much too much for me to list here…but blogging is not one of them! 

It is now 12.53 am here in Melbourne. The temperature is 18 degrees and falling. I felt the cold…got up to put on a long sleeve shirt and also a thick sweater for warmth….socks for my feet…and switch on the heater under my desk to warm up my feet. I am not going to bed just yet. There are things in my head I want to write about…..things in my heart I want to share with those who read what I write…and the rage within me for what is happening in K Hell will keep me awake for the next few hours to allow me to write.

I have within me the same enthusiasm for blogging as I did when I first started almost a decade ago. Most of what I write comes from my heart. In the last few hours I have spoken to people in K Hell, in Jakarta and in London about the state of our nation today. I have read many many comments made by friends who stop by my Facebook to read what I write…and more heartening…I read what others leave on my Facebook. Not just comments on what I write…but some have taken the trouble to write what they thought of what I write and shared with me their own thoughts on the state of our nation today. 

And from all this I have learnt much.  

What troubles me most is the thought that we have in Putrajaya a BN government that lies to the Rakyat. Not white lies that you and I do tell once in a while to allow us to live our life with less stress….not those fibs that we do also tell to others to enable us to make it through the day and live to fight another day. No no no…this BN government has gone beyond telling white lies and fibs. This BN government is now in uncharted waters in as far as lying to the Rakyat is concerned. Never before had any of our prime ministers and their ministers become thieves, robbers, liars, scammers and fraudsters to the extent as this prime minister and his ministers have become since this Idiot assumed office as prime minister!   

Today we are talking about a failed state. We are talking about the massive national debt. Today when Malaysians meet they no longer ask “Sudah makan” or “Apa khabar?”. We are preoccupied about the goings-on in Putrajaya. Surely the financial scandals cannot get any bigger? Any sleazier? More audacious? More impossible to compute? And just as we are trying to finally get to grips with the audacious scam that 1MDB is…along comes that caper where land belonging to Felda has been taken from under the very noses of the guardians this BN government have appointed to oversee Felda. Guardians my foot! They are the very people that is draining Felda all that it has that is of value! How can it get any worse?

You look at Felda and the non-Malays can say there goes the Malays stealing from the Malays. You look at 1MDB…you think that the money came mostly from bank borrowings…surely a “victimless” crime? And the banks can afford to lose a few billions every now and then! All these billions flowing into the pockets of Mr and Mrs Idiot and their dedak fellers…it all seems to be far removed from you and me. Arms length. And no amount of work by Pakatan Harapan can make the rural population understand what is really going on…and that is ditto for a lot of other Malaysians who are not “directly affected” by these billions being siphoned out by the powers that be. 

And yet we know that nothing will ever be the same again…for we ourselves have changed. We no longer trust our prime minister. We despise his wife. We no longer trust politicians – especially if they are from BN….and if they are from PH we take what they say with a grain of salt but will give them the benefit of our doubt. Politics has now been consigned to the place where the sun does not shine and all that we can hope for is that PRU 14 will change politics for the better! 

But this change that we talk about will not be left in the hands of the politicians. The politicians can propose but the Rakyat can and will dispose of what they propose if the mood moves us to do so. And you can be sure that the politicians know this to be true and are scrambling to be relevant to our aspirations….well most politicians anyway. And you can be sure that from all this conundrum of dedak, abuse of political power and arrogance will emerge a Malaysia of our choice and politicians who understand that they will be held accountable for all that they do in the name of government. And the work to make all this happens started a long long time ago. From the time when shouts of “REFORMASI. REFORMASI, REFORMASI reverberated with fervour and strength in support of change many decades ago.

A lot of water has since passed under the bridge. Umno still lives, but unlike the last moments of the dying swan whose death was graceful and sad…umno’s death will be painful, it will certainly be without any grace and will be greeted with much relief by those of us who have lived through many many decades of corruption, money politics and arrogance that has been the hallmark of a political party too full of itself, too sure of the support of the long suffering Malays and too ignorant of the hate and odium that many many Malaysians have harboured against it from time immemorial. 
The time has come to talk of the many things that will come after umno…but all this we will talk at another time, another place. For now there is much work to be done to rid ourselves of this Mr and Mrs Idiot and all the others that they have made into their likeness. We, the people, can do that. We, the people, must do that. We, the people, will do that. Amen.