8.54 am Friday : 5th January 2017….My cup runneth over…at 71,living far far away from my country of birth…far away from those wonderful memories of growing up in a loving family that my parents had built for us ….far away from the Nasi Dagang that I simply adore, Char Kueh Teow and Roti Canai that has been part of my life for so long…I am still content with my life today. Not that I have much of anything…but what I have I am content with. 
It has taken almost a lifetime of living to be where I am now. A place where what matters is family. Where having a roof over our heads and decent food on the table is enough. 

That does not mean that I do not have my wants. 
I want to go to Canada to see my daughter and her family…it has been almost been eight years since I last saw them. I want to kneel in front of my parents final resting place in the Ampang Cementary and say my Alfatihah for their souls. I want to see old friends and shoot the breeze with them over a simple meal in Bangsar….and many other things I want….but my needs are few….and when these needs are taken care of, I am content. 
Strangely, I have known all my life, that one day this time will come. A time when you are no more striving for the things you think you need in your life…money, more money and the happiness that you think money will buy for you. Don’t get me wrong…you need money in life…but do not make money the end game for everything that you do. It will never be enough. If I run out of money…and I do run out of money sometimes…it is not the end of my world. I adjust and get on with what I have got.
Just my thoughts on life ….Life is good….may all that you wish for yourself be possible.