8.43 am. Thursday early morning…Melbourne. Another day dawns. I am tired, sleepy and mentally exhausted and have been so for the past few days. Summer in Melbourne plays havoc with my sensibilities. I am in my sarong, T Shirt and bare feet ready to enjoy “Malaysian” weather as I greet the morning…and yet the weather does not do as promised. The sun does not shine, there is a cold gusty wind blowing and I am cold. The cold takes a lot of energy and oomph from me. My thoughts gets constricted and is unable to unravel the many things that is in my head…and so writing becomes a chore. And when that happens…it is better that I chill a little…..
On the bright side…..my wife now knows how to complain! 
And what is so good about my wife knowing how to complain…you may ask? 
As those of you who read I write may know….my wife has frontal lobe advanced dementia and has not spoken for almost three years now….not a sound passes through her lips on any day. 
About a week ago she started to discretely cough of and on during meal times. These coughs, at times, were louder then at other times…and then soon…I put two and two together. When she is ready for her next mouthful of food and I am a bit slow in responding…she coughs. And the decibels of the coughs rises and falls according to my response. If I am slow in responding or ignore those coughs (as I am prone to do at times when I am watching TV or having a meal at the same time as I am giving her hers….) her cough rises in decibels. 
She has now got that complaining cough to an art form. When she coughs I know what I have to do. Somtimes I am not too kind and I wait until she coughs before I giver her the next spoonful of food or the drink she wants because I want to hear her make a sound…any sound…I miss her voice so much. So as I said….my wife now knows how to complain….and I am okay with it. 
Everything else is good. 
My wife and me a few years back …..many years back!