Tanah tapak ibupejabat pun boleh hilang?

steaadyaku47 comment : 
1MDB, corrupt AG’s, corrupt IGP’s, complicit KSU’s, CJ’s who soil themselves and the Judiciary with their decision making, Ministers who not only forget their oath of office but, by their very actions are guilty of treason to  King and Country, statutory bodies used as virtual ATM’s by those tasked with their management and by those in government who should know better, a prime minister who steals from the people he governs and everywhere we look, politicians and their cohorts growing insanely rich from the spoils of public office and politics. You would have thought that there is nothing more that could astound you having seen it all during the tenure of this Najib Razak. Well my friends prepare to be amazed.
Putting a crook, ISA  SAMAD,  as Chairman of Felda was a masterful stroke of genius by a greedy and evil prime minister whose own father was the architect of that Felda. Replacing him with another crook, ShARIR SAMAD, who had already publicly admitted to be a dedak taker extraordinaire, dammed not only his Father’s intent to take many Malays out of poverty through FELDA, but also dashed any lingering hope that the rural Malays will ever be able to escape the poverty that circumstance has burden them with.
But enough about the rural Malays. Enough about FELDA. Enough about the crooks and robbers installed and already embedded within FELDA, TABUNG HAJI, EPF, the Banks, PDRM, MACC…..even Bank Negara, the Judiciary and the other statutory bodies and government institutions. We know there are there and we know what they are doing. 
What we are still to know is how all this dedak, corruption and the stealing of our national treasures from our our national coffers is being done. Some by stealth, some by ingenious sleight of hand and the complicit actIon of every facet of the decision making process within that institution and statutory bodies….and some simply by the transfer of funds (whether authorised or not by those in authority) to parties whose sole purpose is to enrich those cohorts of Najib Razak and this BN government. 
All this we have already seen in 1MDB and we all, without exception, have been amazed and entertained by the audacity of it all. Jho Low’s yacht, Equanimity, says it all. 
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But I can tell you this….FELDA will be a classic example of what can and has been done, to a statutory body, filled to the brim and overflowing with cash and “business opportunities” by politicians whose sole intent is driven by greed, greed and more greed. You may dismiss 1MDB as a distant blip on the horizon, where greedy politicians, their wives and cohorts steals money from the government through schemes and outright thievery helped by smoke and mirrors to conceal their thievery….and most of that money came from loans from banks and other complicit agents in on the scam. ….but not FELDA.   
What distinguishes FELDA is that this is stealing, on a mega scale, of money meant to help the Rakyats in the rural areas…who happens to be mostly Malays…the very poor of the poor. This stealing of money which can directly impact upon the Malays – the very people Umno has pledged to be champion of. This is Najib Razak stealing from his own Father’s attempt to get the rural Malays out of poverty. 
And if you want to know how Najib Razak and his cohorts are doing this….we already know. We know that ISA SAMAD and his wife,, courtesy of FELDA, has over 70 millions pounds stashed away in their private bank account under their own name in London. We know of the many many failed projects that has costs FELDA many billions of its own money. 
And now we know of another way that simply defies all our expectations of what even corrupt and greedy politicians will do to enrich themselves. The transfer of FELDA land to themselves!  
Tanah tapak ibupejabat pun boleh hilang?

Yes….even tanah tapak ibu pejabat Felda pon sudah hilang. Go get your teh tarik, grab some kuachi, a comfortable chair  and come sit together with me by the side line and let us observe how those bastards in PDRM, in MACC, SHARIR that Chairman of FELDA, the Prime Minister and every other bastard that has profited form this latest audacious stealing of our nations assets right under our very noses…let us observe how they will explain what has happened. 
MACC has already told us that “there is no element of graft in the transfer”….what can I say to that? Fuck MACC.
Now we wait for a statement from PMO….the usual “no stones unturned” statement or will they go one step beyond? A Royal Commission perhaps? …..and the duplicity goes on and on.
What of you and me? The rakyat? Are we to be “entertained” again by this audacious shenanigan of corrupt politicians and a greedy prime minister and his wife? Or are we going to say “ENOUGH?”
I can only tell you all this truth….whatever you do will never be enough….not until you get these thieves and robbers out of government. Not until Najib Razak is put to trial, convicted and punished for all that he has done in the name of government…and until that day comes, each of you will be guilty of dereliction of your duty to preserve and protect the future that we leave to the generations that will come after us.   
I am one, with you we are two…who else will join us to do this?