Being curious and surprised of visit made by the 2 fellows on Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim at the hospital is valid and normal for many of us! Indeed, it is a political stunt and ploy with an agenda many of us know too well! From the photo taken we can see that the 2 fellows were more interested in getting the photo to be seen by others! 
My dear friend MYR is correct in suspecting the presence of the female fellow! 
Got to caution our friend Dato’ Seri Anwar as well as Dato’ Seri Wan Azizan to be cautious (and banyak doa tolak bala) as the female fellow is noted for using the services of many local and foreign bomohs (especially from India). My friends, ex intelligence services from the military especially, are fully aware about her usage of bomohs from India! 
It is obvious that attendance at the APEC meeting recently exposed a lot of obvious shortcomings of the male fellow! The facial expression should be obvious enough of diminished confidence and erosion of self-esteem in comparison to his peers! 
We hope Dato’ Seri Anwar is steadfast in his fight for justice and fight against blatant abuse of power and huge and huge corruption committed by his male visitor! I hope too Dato’ Seri Wan Azizan as leader of the Opposition in Dewan Rakyat will not be easily moved emotionally by this visit; which I see more to salvage the visitors’ rapidly diminishing image and credibility!
I wish our friend Dato’ Seri Anwar will recuperate very well and be back to normal health. Wonder if ordinary people like us will be allowed to visit him; knowing too well that he is heavily guarded by security people? All the very best always to DSAI with doa that Allah swt will blessed him with al-falah eventually and that the truth and justice will triumph soon! Wasallam.
A concern budak Kolet.