Folks I just heard this last night. Kepala Bapak is building a getaway home in Koh Samui. The contractors have been told to get it completed by February 2018. The contractors are working 24/7.

Here is a map of Koh Samui Island off the east coast of Thailand. 

Completion by February 2018. That means our Big Event will not take place until after February 2018. 
People are saying March 2018 now.  November 2017 does not seem likely. 

It takes at least a year to build a house. More than a year if you compute the time for drawing the plans, getting approvals etc. This means Kepala Bapak has been planning this getaway home for more than two years now.
Folks, they are getting ready to fly the coop, in the event they lose their perch. 
Why Koh Samui?  
Thai hospitality. 
Thailand is ruled by a military junta. 
In the past Thai juntas were all easily greased. 
There is no reason to believe the nature of Thai juntas has changed.  
They can be very hospitable.

Plus the weather and food in Koh Samui are very close to ours. Sambal belacan aplenty.
Now here is the kicker. This news about the new getaway house seems to be known among the Gang of Thieves. Thats how I got to know about it. Not from a thief but from someone who knows some of them. 

The question is what about the rest of the Gang of Thieves?  Do they all have enough money to build a getaway house on Koh Samui? Will Koh Samui become a getaway haven for expatriate thieves from Malaysia?
If Kepala Bapak is planning his escape, what becomes of all the butt lickers? 
What becomes of the prepaids? 
Who is going to look after them?

It looks like they will be left on their own to fend for themselves.
Great misery awaits them. Very great misery.