The current legal tussle in the UK is between Clare Rewcastle-Brown and PAS President Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang. If you don’t already know this, you would think its Clare and Ambiga versus Rahman Dahlan and UMNO bloggers , judging by the news on internet.
It is a strange legal suit to begin with. Its Hadi who is suing Clare although the sting of her statement about Ringgit 90 million “gift” from Najib was directed generally at top party leaders. The others did nothing to sue Clare. Another strange aspect to this case is that while Hadi is the claimant, it’s UMNO and Malaysian Embassy in London who have shown great interest in the case.
Clare’s disclosure about the wealth and ostentatious lifestyles of PAS leaders isn’t anything that Malaysians don’t already know about. Bringing the claim against Clare in London will only result in those stories circulating at a much more frantic pace and deeper into the rural parts of Malaysia.
People from all corners of Kelantan and Terengganu already know about of the “transformation” of PAS leaders. Once upon a time, these leaders had little wealth and lived simple lives under the late Tok Guru Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat. Those days differ markedly from now, when PAS leaders have expensive houses, fancy cars with fancy number plates and multiple wives.
The question everyone is asking is where did these people get the money for such quick transformations of their lives? The answers come from many sources because people from all walks of life have started talking.
Datuk Ambiga Sreenavaseen is not the only person who has been told about the wealth of PAS leaders by friendly sources. I too have friends who have shown me photographs of Nasharuddin Mat Isa’s house and cars, and how he now travels first class, unlike the days when he was in PAS under Nik Aziz. Datuk Takiyuddin Hassan is the PAS Secretary-General and he lives in Kota Bharu. I don’t remember him having a huge legal practice or any successful businesses to warrant his current lifestyle. But he is wealthy now — how else can he afford the number plate “TAKII” as disclosed by Clare in her court documents?
Another strange aspect about this case is the vigour in which Minister Rahman Dahlan is attacking Ambiga for her alleged communication with Clare. What’s UMNO interest in this case?
What is clear is this: Most people know where the money comes from. It is irresistible to conclude that Datuk Seri Najib Razak and UMNO must have been the benefactor in view of the close working relationship PAS and UMNO leaders currently enjoy. The attacks on Ambiga and Clare are diversionary tactics; because PAS is losing support rapidly, and this is not what UMNO bargained for in their plans to work together in the coming election.
If there is one good thing Najib has done for the country, it is to allow his money to taint and tarnish PAS for good. A political party based on religion should never have associated itself with Najib—PAS, however, is not only close to the Prime Minister, it has embraced his methods and approved of his ways.
It’s the death knell for any political party to sell its principles for cash.