Here is some interesting news. 
MO1 has no intention of Zahid Hamidi succeeding him as the party president or as the PM. Come the next UMNO assembly they are going to engineer Zahid out of the picture.
If MO1 wins the general elections (which will be held before the UMNO elections) it is said that Zahid Hamidi will be completely left out in the post elections Cabinet reshuffle.
MO1 is afraid to move against Zahid now because it may cause upheavals and loss of some UMNO votes.  
The only possibility of MO1 removing Zahid Hamidi BEFORE the elections is if MO1 also steps down. 
In either scenario Zahid Hamidi is out of the picture.  Zahid Hamidi’s political career is coming to an end soon.
So the situation for Zahid and his henchmen is ‘Its now or never’.
Zahid and his henchmen have to make a move now or they will forever lose their chance of seeing Zahid Hamidi replacing MO1.
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Zahid Hamidi the pendatang tanpa izin from Jawa never dreamed of becoming a Minister. But this is Malaysia. Malaysia Boleh.  He never dreamed of becoming Prime Minister either.
But the PM’s Office is now just one heart beat away.  Sadly Zahid was never “inner circle”.  Not a blue blood or bangsawan. The son of Javanese pendatang haram.  There is no way the ‘inner circle’ is going to allow him to the PM’s position.
What can Zahid do ?  Minta kuih lah brader.
Say 200 million kuih talam?  Settle saja.