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From the horses mouth! I kid you not!

Twenty Five Million Ringgit on offer for making that video.  And, on top of that, as part of the bargain, Sirul gets to keep the Black Galaxy Smart Phone used to make the video …until it was confiscated from him as it is illegal for inmates of Villawood to have a smart phone. 

As the Villawood IDC Complaints – Final Response LETTER dated 14/07/2017 to Mr Umar stated : “Please be advised that this response should have stated that a black galaxy smart phone, black galaxy smart phone cover and two hair dyes were removed from you on the room search and your property records do reflect these items” 

Do not ask me what Sirul was doing with the hair Dyes…I am focus just on the phone!

And where did he get the money to buy the phone? 

Would it not be plausible that one of the three Datuks would have something to do with that? Just asking lah! Sirul has no income. No money in prison…so money has to brought in from outside. Visitors are not allowed to bring CASH into Villawood…..yet Sirul had to have cash to get one of the guards to buy the phone for him….all done hash hash hush hush kind of way (as the guards are not suppose to buy smart phones for inmates. Someone had to bring the money in without the guards knowing about it. Smuggle it in? Who can bring documents…legal documents …into Villawood among which the cash can be hidden? When I say “legal documents” I do not necessarily mean it to be  brought in by Lawyers for their clients….but then again it could be! That is all I am prepared to say for now. ….but your mind can keep figuring out who could and would bring in those legal documents for Sirul and hide the money in between those documents?

Back to Sirul!

WTF! He really did believe someone would give him RM25 million to make those videos : RM10 Million from two Datuks and the other RM15 MIllion from another Datuk….two Datuks plus one Datuks makes Three Datuks.…hmmmmm. I did write about The Three Datuks and Sirul Azhar Umar last week…did I not? I wonder what the connection is between this three Datuks and that three Datuks that I wrote about last week?

Sirul, in the video, says that he has never “FITNAH” anybody.

He tells us that “Yang Amat Berhormat, Perdana Menteri Malaysia, Dato Seri Najib Razak langsung tidak ada terlibat dan tidak ada kaitan dengan case ini” 

Sirul was telling the truth. Najib was never involve in the murder of Altantuya. So no FITNAH! And for telling the truth he expects to get RM 25 million? If that was the case in real life, I would have, by now, be a very very rich man….well maybe a rich man…not a very very rich man because I tell the truth most of the times…some of the times…sometimes???? 

Anyway let us get back to being kosher. 
You expect to get RM25 million for telling the truth? Huh? I think finding 72 Virgins for those ISIS Jihadists is much easier then trying to get RM25 million for telling the truth. Woi Sirul…bagun dari tidor lah! Siapa nak kasi engkau RM25 million for telling the truth? It is easier to get RM25 million by lying! Go ask Jho Low!

How long has Sirul been waiting for the RM 25 million? Lama jugak. …so lama that he has got fed up enough to want to dismiss his Sydney Lawyers. How do I know?  Go ask these Lawyers when was the last time Sirul agreed to see them or their representatives? 

And he has also refused to see the representative of his KL lawyers – a Dato “Butler” Ganesan  – which means he has refuse to see his KL lawyers – and when you do not want to see your lawyer or his representative…does it not mean you want to dismiss them?
But Sirul does want to see this Datuk Khairul Anwar Rahmat! I wonder why? 

So serious is Sirul in wanting to get rid of his current slew of Lawyers that he has begun looking for new Lawyers to represent him. How does a detainee look for new lawyers from within Villawood? Through the Internet lah!

Are you guys following me as I tell you this tale? Let us recap: Sirul makes video for 3 datuks for RM 25 million (promised not delivered yet). Sirul has been paid “fuck all”. Sirul is fed up and will be dismissing his slew of Lawyers in KL and Sydney.

That brings us to the present. Not today but last week when I was in Sydney.

Sirul has had a busy October month so far. 
While I was in Sydney I heard about two mysterious Malaysians who were in Sydney trying to get into Villawood to see Sirul. Extremely intriguing! Their attempt to see Sirul was stopped by person or persons “from parts unknown”…or did one, or two or three of the THREE DATUKS had anything to do with it in tandem with the authorities in Canberra? 
Why Canberra? 
The final decision to allow anyone to see Sirul is made by the powers that be from the Department of Immigration and Border Patrol in Canberra. One of the THREE DATUKS did visit Canberra around the middle of January in 2016! 
These two mysterious Malaysian trying to get into Villawood to see Sirul are not the only Malaysians stopped from doing so! So were many others including me. Why would anyone want to stop Sirul from meeting people he wants to meet? It seems to me that some one somewhere wants to isolate Sirul from every one else. 
Are they worried that Sirul will tell what has been happening between him and the Three Datuks…because they and their representatives seem to be the only Malaysian allowed to see Sirul as and when thy want to! Something to hide? How can that be when one of the Three Datuks had organise that “NOTHING TO HIDE” dialogue between Najib and Mahathir!  Gets more intriguing by the day!

For privacy reasons YouTube needs your permission to be loaded.
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Who who Who?
My sentiments exactly! Who were the two Malaysians who wanted to see Sirul last week? Who would want to see Sirul? Were these two Malaysians thinking of asking Sirul to make another video? The audacity of it all! Did they not know that Sirul will not make a video for anything less than RM25 million? You could get some A List Hollywood and Bollywood Actors to do a video for very much less! 
If they are not going to ask Sirul to make another Video then what do these two Malaysians want Sirul to do? Or was it what THEY could do for Sirul? What ever or who ever these two were…it was enough to put the cat among the pigeons. 

One of the Datuks was shitting himself trying to find out who those two Malaysian were and if that “steadyaky47 blogger was with them? Was that blogger trying to see them or knew of them? And did that steadyaku47 blogger go to Canberra to see Sirul’s son? How can I go to Canberra to see Sirul’s son when I do not even know where in Canberra that kid was staying! 

Long story short..the next thing I heard was that one of the Datuks…the one who got into a panic when he heard that there were two Malaysian trying to get into Villawood to see Sirul,..was making plans to get to Sydney asap…this weekend in fact! Is he the same Datuk that I wrote about yesterday who was indeed coming to Sydney?

Why is Datuk Khairul Anwar Rahmat in Sydney this weekend? Last week it was the Sultan of Johor, Manny Pacquiao and the TMJ. This weekend it is a convicted killer in Sydney?

Why indeed!
I bet you that Sirul has never see this much activity since the time he was on trial with Azialh and Razak Baginda! Two mysterious (to me!) Malaysians wanting to see him in Villawood and now this third Datuk coming to see him this weekend!
Me? I am back in Melbourne after NOT seeing Sirul, after NOT knowing why those two mysterious Malaysian cannot get in into Villawood to see Sirul and after NOT going to Canberra to see Sirul’s son. I did not say I did not see Sirul’s son….I said I did NOT go to Canberra to see Sirul’s son! And other things happened to me while I was in Sydney…and that will be told at a time and a place of my choosing. 
Ok enough said for now. There is still the other two Datuks to talk about, that Datuk Butler Ganesan and others too, to talk about…..and that will be another tale to tell! It looks like Villawood is the same as KL…throw a stone into  a crowd…and more often then not, you will hit a Datuk! 

What do I think of the THREE DATUKS? Masuk angin keluar asap! Tak ada kerja tolak habok!

For privacy reasons YouTube needs your permission to be loaded.
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Enough said!

To be continued!

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