For the past two years I have followed the twists and turns of this Altantuya saga with a determination to do one thing and one thing only : For the truth to be revealed without any “ifs’ or “buts” to the whole equation. No politics, no thoughts of the possible repercussions and ramifications that would ensued if such truths became public…. though there have been at the back of my mind the thought that the ghost and spirit of Altantauya may need closure and that would best be served by the truth. Those are all secondary considerations. The truth, when told, will make right what is wrong, punish those who are wrong and set right all the conjectures, speculations and distractions that have swirled around this sad and sorry episode that begun with the abuse of political office for financial gain. Whose financial gain is yet to be unraveled in its entirety and in all it’s shameful glory but suffice to say that ahead of all those guilty ones sits Razak Baginda and Najib Razak. 

It is a story that still awaits an ending….but the administrative process of keeping Sirul in detention is almost at an end bar a few more months during which, if Sirul pays his card well, the Judicial process will start. A judicial process independent of any political consideration. A Judicial process bereft of any interference from persons or any governments or government linked operatives. A Judicial process that will finally give Sirul his day court to plead for his released into the Australian community. 

It can also be, for Sirul, his day in court to do more of what he has been doing these last ten years or so : to tell anything and everything else, but the truth! 

Like most of you, I have known about Altantuya from over a decade ago.

but it was only from two years back that I begun piecing the pieces together  It is still a process that will require time and effort in the coming months….even years, to know what really happened, when it happened and how it all happened….but this much I know today.

Razak Baginda: If blamed is to be apportion to this man for what has happened to Altantuya, then I believe that he should only be found guilty of doing what most men would do when they find themselves with more money then they can handle for their own good….to indulge in wine, women and song to their hearts content. For that he will pay in many ways right up to his dying days. Praise be to ALLAH that his family had been by side throughout his trials and tribulations. 

Najib Razak and Rosmah Mansor had nothing to do with the killing of Altantuya,…BUT Najib Razak had everything to do with what happened after the fact. After Altantuya was shot in the head and blown up with explosives (NOT C4!) Najib Razak’s fingerprints were everywhere…from the time Sirul was arrested in Pakistan, through the police investigation and judicial process, then it followed Sirul to the Gold Coast in Australia and have since never left Sirul for the two years that Sirul had been detained in Sydney, at Villawood.      

I say this not with any intent to exonerate this prime minister of ours from having anything to do with the murder of Altantuya – that Sirul has already tried to do in his video. Whether he succeeded or not is for you to decide.What I am saying is that while there is nothing to indicate that Najib Razak has anything to do with the killing of Altantuya, Najib fingerprints are all over everyone having to do with the administrative process of arresting the two UTK operatives involve in the murder, the investigations of the murder and the subsequent judicial process of convicting the two UTK operatives….including the period of time Sirul has spent in detention at the Villawood Detention centre in Sydney. 

For Sirul Azhar Umar, it is a tale of a policeman taken to the very highest level a policeman/corporal could possibly be taken to, in the course of his work in UTK as a bodyguard. In the process, he got lost and self absorbed in his self perceived importance of his escort duty to the VVIPs. He got himself entangled in the heady atmosphere of being among the politically powerful and rich of Umno. There was no where else he wanted to be….he  was among the rich and famous of Umno. For a Kampong guy, it was a dream come true. He lived and breath Umno as those he guarded did. His work was all consuming and the status he perceived he had earned from his peers and those that mattered to him because of his job, gave Sirul the ego filled sense of self importance that any one in his position in life would crave. He was responsible for guarding the most important man in Malaysia – the Prime Minister….he…Sirul ….the boy from the Kampong! If he was called to give his life in the performance of his duty, he would. If he was asked to take the life of others to protect the “security” of the nation that was governed by the very people he was guarding, he would.
Such was the mind of Sirul Azahar Umar at the time he committed the murder of Altantuya….a deed he said he did because he thought it was “HALAL”….Sirul thought that it was merely “intelligence” work. 
This is not an attempt to justify what was done to Altantuya. This is an attempt to share with you guys what I know of the Altantuya Saga – a saga unraveling even as I write this  …a saga that still has many months, if not years to unravel, before Justice is served. For Justice is only served when the truth is out….but bear with me as I share with you the twist and turns of this saga as Sirul Azhar Umar ready himself for his day in court…if it ever comes. 

And I say “IF” because even that day in court is uncertain for Sirul if he takes advice from the very person he should not take advice from….HIMSELF. 

To be continued.