9.31 am Saturday morning : 
In these last two weeks, a few confronting realities have challenged my long held belief that in the end, truth shall prevail. I have cautioned myself that in the search for the truth, time, effort and focus must be expanded for there will be many obstacles along the way. Obstacles driven by the personal needs and vested interests of many. Obstacles thrown deliberately into your path in the hope that you will be thwarted in your attempt to understand what you see in front of you. Obstacles covertly and overtly placed in your path to prevent you getting to the end of the road that you are travelling along in order to find answers to the many questions you want to ask. What you do will depend on your ability to persists regardless….and always, along the way, some where, some how there will be that most evil of all things : GREED. 
Greed amongst the Malays are all consuming. 
For sure the Chinese are greedy too and there will be many among the Chinese who will take what they can for themselves without worrying about the consequences of their deeds. The same can be said of the Indians and the many others who are also our people. What makes the Malays streets ahead of the others when it comes to greed is that for the Malays, GREED starts at the very top of the food chain. Not only does it starts at the top, but it is condoned, accepted and encouraged by the very Malays who should know better. The very Malays who are tasked with being the champion of the Malays – or at least that is what they tell us they are. These are the Malays who have political power, the Malays who are titled and by virtue of birth and their position in Malay and Malaysian society are by default, the very people who should do good rather then evil. Now if only these Malays will, like Superman, do good rather then evil!
Wahai bangsa ku…Look and see what is now happening around you today. The most corrupt are Malays. The most arrogant are Malays. The biggest liars, scammers, cheats and robbers are all Malays. The one holding a gun to the heads of us Malays are themselves Malays. Those tasked with protecting the Malays are Malays and they are the very people who are responsible for what we Malays have now become. You are I know that today the Malays are pariahs in their own nation – a nation they share with many others. You and I know that the Malays are walking around like little pigs with their snouts pointing to the ground…ashamed to face our own kind and the many others in Malaysia because Malay leaders are failing not only the Malays but also all other Malaysians in the manner they do government. And more of concern for me is that today, too many Malays are now taking advantage of their own kind for personal gain, for political power and the opportunity to make more and more money for themselves….making easy money is what has driven Umno into being what is now is : a bankrupt political party that will surely meet its Waterloo at PRU14. Making easy money is driving the Malays into a bangsa that no longer has any credibility among the many other Malaysian because with money anyone can lead the Malays as easily as a six year old boy can lead a buffalo – simply because with that rope tied to the Buffalo nose, the buffalo will go wherever the six year old boy wants it to go…if it does not, a tug at the rope will remind the Buffalo what pain the boy can inflict upon it if it does not do as told. 
Today the Malays are being led by their nose by their own kind : those in Umno do to the Malays as they like. And what they do to the Malays serves only their own vested interests not the interests of the Malays. There is no need for me to go into the manner of how they do this …suffice for us to know that the most corrupt prime minister in the history of our nation is a Malay….and from this Malays comes all the reasons why the Malays are now pariahs in their own land. From this Malay prime minster, with or without his knowledge, many many other Malays have taken it upon themselves to go forth and multiply their ability to make easy money in the name of bangsa  agama dan negara…and of course do not forget their oft stated reasons as to why they want to make money….they need money to overcome all the evils that the Chinese and other races are now scheming against the Malays, they need money to fight the Christians who are a threat to Islam, they need money to win elections and of course, they need money because when they are rich, then, the Malays are rich too! And yet the reality is simply this…..they need, want and lust for money because they are greedy!
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I Accept
I have found all this true in the case of Altantuya. I have learnt many things in the two years when I have tried to know as much as I can about her murder and the subsequent events that flowed from that murder….and this much I know today. It is a tale that twists and turns and, even now, still has a long way to go before it ends. All that I have written above of Malays and greed is present in large doses in the case of Altantuya. People lives are managed, manipulated and used by those who should know better. By those who are tasked with being the guardian of truth and the seeker of justice for those under their charged. By those who have failed those under their charge because they driven not by the need for the truth to be outed and justice to prevail, but by greed. Their greed. 
Circumstance requires that I wait for a while before the facts are outed into the public domain. Suffice to say that before the end October…when I shall be 70 years old….much more will be said about the ghost of Altantuya….and for starters I can say that the Ghost of Altantuya will NOT come back to haunt Najib Razak or Rosmah Mansor. Enough said.