The Chinese are already a prosecuted and persecuted people. Whether deserved or otherwise is for you to decide….but this I know of them. Whether persecuted or prosecuted…they can take care of themselves……no make that THEY have taken care of themselves through the ages quite well thank you very much …and they certainly do not need the help of Najib Razak…certainly not the help of someone who gives them help with one hand and hantam them with the other. Certainly not the help of a party that tells them to “work” with them for their greater good while brandishing a Keris with threats to make red  the streets of Chow Kit with their infidel blood! 
For sure the Chinese want peace in this country. For sure the Chinese can be grateful to Umno and anyone else that allows them to make money and live in peace. What comes first (money or living) is debatable (so these Umno goons tells us)…but you can be sure that the Chinese knows enough about survival to make the correct choices in matters that affects their life and that of their family. But they certainly can do that and more, without any help from Najib Razak or Umno…and from the looks of things…even without MCA or Gerakan.
So I believe that is there is any targeting being done on the Chinese by anyone – especially the Malays –  it will come from the Malays in Umno…. or to be more exact, it will come from Umno. 
It has been Umno that has threaten the Chinese with just about everything…from economic ruination to murder most foul. Are the Chinese not the most prosecuted and persecuted race in Malaysia today? Is it not the Chinese…the infidels who eat pork… already the object of derision and hate by umno? What else has umno NOT done to the Chinese…surely you cannot do more to a race then try to physically slaughter them of the face of the earth! Something that umno has not only threaten to do, but have already done so, during the  May 13 riots and other occasions best not talked about lest I am accused of being a threat to our nation’s security…a threat most Chinese are familiar with.
My dear Najib…if the Chinese are the first to be targeted if there is no peace, the Chinese already know that it is Umno that will be doing the targeting. The emphasis is Umno not the Malays because today I consider the Malays in Umno to be the harbinger of a Malay race that would make what the Germans became under Hitler a walk in the park! The Germans under Hitler became a race that has now become the yardstick by which the world measures racial supremacists, racial intolerance and racial persecution by one race upon another…the Malays under Umno are fast approaching that mark set by the Germans under Hitler. 
How dare I accuse Umno of being like the Germans under Hitler?
If you are a Chinese in Malaysia today what are the chances that you have not already been a victim of Umno’s persecution? From cradle to grave : where being born a Chinese will make it doubly hard for you to live, be educated, work and play in Malaysia to finding a decent place to bury the dead…it is not the Chinese who are the victims of Umno’s persecution? 
From their ability to worship whom they choose to their inability to find a place to worship…it is the Chinese who will tell you that whatever they face, they do so stoically. 
And here we have Najib telling the Chinese that if is there is no peace it will be the Chinese who will be the first targeted!
Targeted for what Najib? 
Targeted by Umno youth to be slaughtered, quartered, thrown and strewn in the streets of KL by these umno youths who are told by Umno that it is the Chinese who is to be blamed for the lack of peace in a country governed by Umno! 
Are the Chinese to be targeted again for persecution in education, in business or in anything that remotely has got to do with the fact that they are Chinese? Surely in the matter of targeting the Chinese for any further persecution Umno has left no stone unturned…surely there cannot be any further persecution that can be done of that race short of doing an Idi Amin on them….passing a decree and making it into law that states that being a Chinese is reason enough to have them deported with haste to parts unknown…just make it legal to put  them on boats,planes and trains and get them out of the country….and make it legal for all their properties to be seized and distributed to any card carrying umno members – with emphasis to cohorts of the ruling elites – a euphemism we now use to denote greedy, arrogant and despicable Malay leaders of the Najib and Rosmah genre. 
No my friends the Chinese no longer fear being targeted for whatever reasons….least of all if there is no peace. For if there is no peace it is not the Chinese that will be targeted. The Chinese and all right thinking Malaysians, peace or no peace, are already targeting umno and their cohorts for the state of our nation today. And if you ask me what is the state of the nation today…..the state of our nation today can be plainly seen in the absurdity of having a prime minister who governs by threatening that there will be no peace for some Malaysians if he and his despicable and corrupted political entity are not elected to government in the coming PRU14.
Enough of these threats that the Chinese will not have their peace if Umno is no longer there to protect them. Enough of threats that tells the Malays that there will be no bangsa Melayu if Umno fails at the next general election. Enough of umno using race, religion and threats to any Malaysian that Armageddon will be upon them if Umno loses.
Let us just let Umno lose at PRU14 and see for ourself if our people will truly be vanquished and targeted when umno is no more. I suspect that with umno gone, peace will reign and the only people to be targeted will be Najib and his lackeys and cohorts who have somehow managed to divided and ruled over us Malaysians for over 60 decades. Enough said!
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