When the BN government is responsible for making your child a martyr….would you blame it for not ensuring that the building your child is housed in, is safe? 

Would you blame the BN government if the religious school your child is in, does not have a school license to operate? 

Would you blame the BN government for not taking more care when there are 29 other similar incidents involving fires in other religious schools? 

Would you blame the BN government for not ensuring that the Fire brigade took responsibility for allowing a building to trap children inside a burning building because its metal window grilled could not be opened from the inside thus trapping the children inside the burning building? And that the school fire exit door was blocked by renovations?

Oh for sure the prime minister expresses his sympathy via Twitter. And soon he will be back in Bolehland and declare a no-stone-unturned investigation that will get to the bottom of the tragedy and the prime minister will promise that all those who were responsible in allowing the tragedy to happen will be punished to the full extent of the law……and then what?

No one will go to jail. No one will be dismissed. No one will take responsibility for the tragedy and resigned. Soon….very soon ….we will wait for the 31st religious school to to have another incident involving a fire…and then the cycle begins again.  

THE bodies of those who died in a pre-dawn fire at the Pusat Tahfiz Darul Quran Ittifaqiyah religious school today have arrived at Kuala Lumpur Hospital. They…

Muhammad Zahid Mahmod menganggap pelajarnya yang maut selepas gagal melepaskan diri daripada sekolahnya yang terbakar sebagai mati berjuang.