What is the guy doing in Malaysia? Does he want to make more money in Malaysia and then take it back with him to what ever dank smelly dark hole that he comes from? Is he waiting for some other project to come his way from his friend the prime minister? Another submarine perhaps? Are the millions he made from that deal now been whittled down to the last few hundred thousands…hundred of thousand of pounds that is…not ringgit! Is his wife and kid no longer emberass to be seen in public in Malaysia or is money making it easier for them to bear the looks and stares of people?  Jesus Christ…the nerve of this guy to show his face again in Malaysia after running away to parts unknown!
If he has paid for the troubles, sufferings and heartaches he has caused to many by his own deeds and actions ..then I would be the first to say that it is time he is given the opportunity to build his life up once again….but this I know. Atlantuya is gone forever from those that she loved. Her children are bearing the brunt of her absence – financially and emotionally. Her father a broken man  – physically and mentally. 
Sirul and that other Chief Inspector are both in jail. I do not know about the Chief Inspector…. no that is wrong…I know about the Chief Inspector and I know that he deserves to be incarcerated. Sirul Azhar Umar is not only incarcerated in Villawood but he is isolated from his children and his aged mother . What Razak Baginda has to do with Sirul’s incarceration he has yet to make right. And that for me that is reason enough for Razak Baginda to crawl back into that bark dingy smelly hole that he came from and stay there until he makes right what he did wrong!
This Razak can think for himself…he is a smart man…and from all indications he would have the brains to be troubled by what he has done to Altantuya and the resulting fallout of her murder…but I guess he must be hankering for the good old days when he counts prime ministers and aspiring models as his friends and lovers. I spit upon human beings like Razak. Ptui!