I am no “pro Azmin” or “pro Rafizi” blogger with a mind set in concrete to support one and   demean the other without first using my own grey matter to work out rationally the reasons why I should or should not support one or the other. For sure the headlines being splashed over the Internet makes for interesting reading. …  “AZMIN NOW A REAL LIABILITY TO HARAPAN: PUTTING SELF-INTEREST FIRST, S’GOR MB’S FEUD WITH RAFIZI WILL TAKE A HEAVY TOLL ON HARAPAN CREDIBILITY“….”Verbal warning? Not true at all, says Rafizi”…...all this are the stuff of innuendos, conjectures, speculations…the stuff that bloggers on both side of the political divide can make a few ringgits out of, if they are so inclined.
Are there problems between Azmin and Rafizi? For sure there are! Are these two factions now at loggerheads within PKR? For sure they are. Is PKR in “damage control” mode? I think they are! So when the Cat (Anwar Ibrahim) is away these two will play? They will not be politicians if they do not!
Now if all of the above is true or have some semblance of “the truth”….what is wrong with the media and bloggers reporting it as it is? 
I will tell you why not….but continue reading only if you want the opposition to win PRU14!
The bloody PRU14 is right around the corner…and unless these two…Azmin and Rafizi….cease and desist in making whatever points they want to make in support of their own personal agendas in the public domain….then why should I restrain myself from telling all that is good and bad (MOSTLY BAD!) about the state of affairs within PKR today? For you see, it is not only Umno that has done BAD things in the name of government…. I can, with my eyes closed, hand tied behind my back and in total darkness….I can write enough BAD things about PKR that will not at all help the cause of PKR or for that matter Anwar Ibrahim, Azmin or Rafizi……and more critical, the cause of the opposition…in their bid to oust Umno and Barisan Nasional out of government!
While sovereign governments in far away countries and those closer to home are already preparing themselves for a possible change of government in Malaysia after PRU 14…what the hell are certain factions within the opposition doing? 
Go ask Azmin and Rafizi! 
Here are the facts. Whether we like it or not.,..PAS can be King maker….or Balls Breaker. They can make Umno King again in Malaysian Politics after PRU14 or, if so inclined, PAS can break Umno balls and send them to purgatory once and for all….and for those who do not understand what “purgatory” means…: 
  1. 1
    (in Catholic doctrine) a place or state of suffering inhabited by the souls of sinners who are expiating their sins before going to heaven.

    “all her sins were forgiven and she would not need to go to Purgatory”

  1. 1
    having the quality of cleansing or purifying.

    “infernal punishments are purgatory and medicinal”
Azmin have been long enough in politics to understand this….and that is why whatever anyone says about PAS already being bought over by Umno with RM90 million worth of dedak plus plus plus….he and others in the opposition are still keeping their options on PAS on “HOPEFUL”…hopeful that somehow (as Anwar, Kit Siang and Aruah Tok Guru once did) ….Azmin and a few others within the opposition are “HOPEFUL” that somehow PAS will come over to their side. 
And why is Azmin and a few others thinking about this possibility? 
They are doing so because PAS itself are divided within themselves as to which faction of the political divide they are going to swim or sink with. And in as long as PRU14 is not tomorrow or in a few days time…seasoned and practical politicians will keep talking with PAS and be “HOPEFUL” that when push comes to shove, the faction “friendly to them”, will prevail within PAS. 
Of course you can also make a case for what Rafizi is now going on about! 

Rafizi: Is keeping Selangor worth PKR’s soul?

There are truth, half truths and outright lies in some of the things that are being said about PAS… tapi Rafizi please, do go and put your point across to those that matters in the confines of “safe houses” or any “four walls” that can contain the vigor and enthusiasm that you are now devoting to the unsuitability of PAS as a partner in the coming PRU14. If you continue to debate these matters in the public domain you are peeing against the wind…and when you do that not only will YOU get wet, but so will Azmin and the Opposition. Kapish?
Enough said.