What will China do when…not if but when….we are unable to pay them back the RM55 billion loan extended to this najib led bn government to build the ECRL? Here are some thoughts / comments from readers of Malaysia Chronicle on the following article posted by me in steadyaku47 and in Malaysia Chronicle :

cakap cakap…China…fikir sikit!

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Rakyat will be lucky if the Rm55 bil loan does not end up in Najib’s pocket. Can u all c? Rosmah has refurbished one plane personally for themselves, if anthing goes wrong all the loans, all their valuables, cash & properties will be transferred & put in this plane for them to escape Msia. 
Najib’s UMNOputras, BN/Kangkong Ministers, Gangsters and cronies will be left here to fend for themselves.
By then he won’t be around except the debts. By then the still sleeping Malays and BN supporters will point ALL their Fingers at the Malaysian’s Chinese, DAP and screamed for their blood and not the Bugis Warrior of Deceit. What a wonderful world.
With Najib at the helm, Malaysia is not only perceived as but a corrupt country with a corrupt PM. This is becoz Najib had not only shared his ill gotten loot with the willing participants in the government but also gives “corrupt discretionery powers” that corrupt them absolutely when they are appointed in position. This is how the PM keeps the lid on; he gives them position and power in return to stay at the top to perpectuate his crime. Yes, the article pointed out the inevitable at the end of the story: Najib will be no more but the future generation of Malaysians and their children will have to bear the huge debts incur by Najib and his merry criminals.
Our east coast highway can hardly service their loan. They get about RM50k a day. I think cost of construction is only 4 bil.
He doesn’t respect the rakyat. He worked with foreigners to siphon money to his bagman’s accounts. Didn’t get personally involved. That would be too stupid. 
Do you think he has respect for anyone ? 
respect for China ? certainly not. he just trying to show he is working for Malaysia till after the next GE. then back to his usual scams (with buddies like Razak Baginda, Nik faisal, Lodin, Low Taek Jho, Shahrol).
Well, go by Ah Long (usually chinese) standard, first you will be verbally threatened, then you will be harrassed (knock at your house, visit your office), next they throw paint on your door, write O$P$ on the walls, next locked your gate and burned the door. If all else fails, whacked you until you vomit blood, push your pregnant wife down the staircase, even rape your daughter and sell them to prostitution. Hmmm…what you think the Chinese will do if Malaysia cannot pay huh?
nightmare for generations to face..wake up before hell break loose..
China is a communist country can u never know what they might do