Most of the news that I hear coming from K Hell, Jakarta, London, Canada and from other parts of the globe where Malaysian are now living and “talking” to each other….are not good….depressing even. There is a sense of hopelessness felt by all…quite like that of the impending death of a loved one. 
From Jakarta tonight I received this : “I have already advise Tun aide to starts tie with Indonesia.But they ignore, its seem that Indonesia is not that important for Tun and team.I also advise Tun ….. to starts ties with Indonesia NGO…but no reply. Then let it be…”
From Malaysia a comment from Sam Sudin on the furor created by Shabudin the umno/bn MP who tells us that “nine year old can marry to solve rape”…Sam Sudin says “This could be a tactic to get spotlight off 1 MDB prevailing issues. Sacrifice something of such idiocracy in order to divert the attention” and from Abdullah Osman “Stupidity cannot be unlearned”.

Negativity permeates most discussions and debate about the future of our beloved Malaysia and no one knows what the future will bring because to all intent and purposes, the grasp that najib and his cohorts has over all things Malaysian seems to be total….choking away all that is left of democracy and whatever freedom and rights the rakyat may still have. 
From the highest judicial position within the government – the Attorney General – whom we expect to be the last bastion against injustice and criminality, we only get an individual whose total obedience to his political masters sickens all Malaysians.
From the most senior officer in PDRM who have sworn an oath to protect and serve the rakyat, we get an individual who not only carry the balls of his political masters but also eagerly hastens to do his political master’s bidding without any thought as to the interest of the rakyat that he has sworn an oath to protect and serve.
With no room left for debate or discussion because of what has already transpired in Parliament, we know categorically that the Speaker of Parliament – that chief officer and highest authority in Parliament whose duty is to keep order and call MPs to speak and who must, for democracy to work, remain impartial at all times…..this man too is not only a stooge of his political masters but is also has his hand out for dedak and already made clear his wishes to be the next TYT of Sabah.
And of course that leaves the Angkatan Tentera Malaysia. Already dedak is being poured down the throats of the Persatuan Veteran ATM as najib attempts to mobilise it’s members to line up behind him…..but it is a work in progress with still much to be done because it’s members are not going to be led to the altar to be sacrificed for najib’s benefit without a fight. 
And yet with all this negativity around us there is still the audacity of hope. Hope that good will triumph over evil. Hope that common sense will prevail over dedak, corruption and money politics. Hope that in the end, there will be enough Malaysians who will stand up, be counted and declare themselves to be against najib, against, umno, against bn and against our nation, our people and our future from being taken advantage of by politicians who serve themselves, not us. 
I know not how all this will end but for now, this I know. 
We have, already on our side, the people we need to defeat umno, najib and bn at the next general election.
Sadly we are without TGNA and that Lion of Jelutong….for they are gone from our midst. In their place we are adequately compensated by the presence of Tun Mahathir and all those from  umno that Tun has brought with him onto our side. And of course Lim Kit Siang and Anwar Ibrahim have always been unflinching in their commitment to our cause. 
What is lacking is cohesion. Cohesion among our leaders and cohesion among us all…. for without cohesion we are done for. 
And what is this cohesion that I am talking about? 
Let me tell you what I do…it is 5.34 am in Melbourne where I live. In my sarong, with socks to keep my feet warm and a cup of Nescafe to keep me awake….I am writing this…..this article in which I am trying to share with you guys my thoughts about what each and everyone of us must, and have to do, if our beloved Malaysia is to survive the onslaught of a najib, an umno and a bn that knows nothing else but dedak, dedak and more dedak as the essential fodder upon which they must feed to survive. This is what I can do…I write in my blog. 
Now ask yourself what you can do….if you can write, you write. If you can be an opposition activist – be one. If you can make others come onto our side and vote with us come the next PRU – do so. In anyway you can…help the opposition…help Lim Kit Siang, help Anwar Ibrahim and help Tun Mahathir            
And what of our leaders? What about cohesion amongst them all? 
This I know is happening…..all the components within the opposition are talking to each other and conferring with each other every step of the way in their fight against najib, umno and bn.  Can this “talking with each other” be improved? Of course it can and it must if we are to present a united front to najib, umno and bn…and more important…to the long suffering rakyat who demands that united front. 
Cohesion. Cohesion. Cohesion! 

In a few months time we will have that PRU. Before the year end we will know our fate, the fate of our nation and that of the future of our children and the generations to come. And while I wait for those few more months to pass, I will continue to write in this blog …lawan mesti lawan. 
Tell me….what will you do?