PRU 14

April 1, 2017

The Nation awaits for the D-Day, the world over has national elections and we in this nation have had general elections too, but it is almost the best kept secret to the entire populace every-time the election fever starts, yes having denggi and malarial fever is much more predictable, a quick blood test will show one instant results.
For 60 years of Independence, the nation have seen 13 elections already, the one coming could well be the most contentious of all, the “Mother of All Elections” I guess, we can termed it that way!
The ruling party has faced numerous challenges from the first elections, but this forthcoming one will be a fight which will mean swords will all be drawn and the uphill and downhill battles will be hard fought and the deserving winners will savor it most.
Why it is going to be hard fought? Well, the current regime has broken into a thousand and one pieces, the deputy PM was sacked, a few high ranking Ministers and Chief Minister was sacked. The former PM has made a comeback, and headed straight into the fray and leading the pack.
Sworn enemies for decades have buried their hatchet, the two big wigs who could not see eyeball to eyeball are all seated on the very same table planning, charting and trying to win the hearts and minds of the maybe only 20 million eligible voters. Former die-hard enemies have made good, hugs and kisses were exchanged.
This could not be possible if the situation and scenario currently faced by the Rakyat was not so dire in nature. It is almost going for broke!
Whatever it is, I do wish and pray hard that level headed people run the show properly and nothing damaging shall befall this lovely and fantastic country call MALAYSIA, after all regimes get changed, political parties comes and goes, leaders do get the sack, some die in office, some has time to retire and reflect, some others fade into oblivion as well.
Lets all have a happy ELECTIONS…whenever it happens.