Tun Mahathir  have been the focus of much debate, division and diversion throughout his political life. At 91, past his use by date for umno, past his tenure of twenty two years as prime minister of Malaysia and President of umno, past his retirement, past his old age and past the time when he should really be having grandchildren on his knees and buat ibadat sebelum disembahyangkan……Tun Mahathir is not about to stop being the focus of debate, division and diversion!
Like many other prime ministers that came before and after him, Tun Mahthir is guilty of changing the goal post of what the government under his leadership can and cannot do. 
The right and wrong of doing so is for historians to debate and future generations to decide. My intent here is to debate what needs to be done NOW rather than later, if Malaysia is to survive past what many decades of umno domination in government has done.
What has decades of umno domination of our government done to our people and our nation? What has umno left us with? One word : 
What najib has done to our people and to Malaysia need not be discussed here for we have been sated with all the sordid details of corruption, scams, lies, outright stealing of our nation’s coffers that this najib and his wife has eagerly embraced for their personal gain to the exclusion of everything else. 
For all this we need to take responsibility for it was us that has kept umno in power all this time. It was us that has allowed najib to tell us that the RM2.6 billion found in his personal bank account is a donation. That 1MDB is now, as of this week, debt free. That China is now our “friend”. najib has done all this, and more, because for whatever reasons, not enough of us are prepared to stand up and be counted as one of those who will say “no” to najib. And if there are some of us who have already stood up to najib and paid the price for doing so, none has quite got the stature of Anwar Ibrahim to be able to lead the charge against najib. 
None until Tun Mahathir came along.
I myself have wrote many articles on Tun Mahathir – many of them uncomplimentary and at best a nodding recognition of what he has achieved in his twenty two years as prime minister. Most of us can possibly forgive Tun Mahathir his political transgressions – of which there are many – and yet there are many who cannot. It is not my intent to debate or argue in Tun Mahthir’s favour for he can do that himself better than any of us can. Suffice for me to say this :
If Azizah and her children, for whatever reason, will now be seen in public as having reconciled with Tun Mahathir and Toh Puan Siti Hashmah, who are you to hold a grudge against Tun Mahathir for what you may consider to be his most odious transgressions : That of prosecuting and persecuting Anwar Ibrahim?     
As for his other political transgression, time and history will be the judge. 
For now we do not have the luxury of time to debate anything else but what we need to do to get najib, ummo and anyone else aligned with umno, out of Putrajaya, out of government, and out of any State, Bahagian or Cawangan where even the remnants of umno can or may cause this once great country of ours to once again be what is now is : a nation totally beholden to a corrupt prime minister who is leader of a political entity totally bereft of anything else but the constant need to feed itself with dedak, dedak and more dedak!
We must thank God that we now have Tun Dr Mahathir to lead us in our fight against najib and umno. And, as it is often said, put your trust in ALLAH but do not forget to tie your camel before you go to sleep lest the Camel may wander away during the night…..we too may put our trust in Tun Mahathir and the others he leads, but we will keep guard over what they do. 
And so I will put my trust in Tun Mahathir. I have already put my trust in Lim Kit Siang and DAP long ago. I have also put my trust in Anwar Ibrahim and PKR and also my trust in Mat Sabu and Husham and for the political entity they lead…for these are the people who will be with Tun Mahathir to try and win back our country for ourselves.  
So if you tell me that I am wrong if I sokong Tun Mahthir…then I do not want to be right! SO help me God! 


Howard Chew The facts are these. Anwar Ibrahim is in jail. There is currently no one else of equivalent stature, calibre, and experience, and of appropriate ‘fit’ as Mahathir Mohammad to lead the opposition. At this senior stage of his life, it is a personal sacrifice for him and his dear wife. The opposition is strengthened with his involvement. He would have atoned for whatever wrongs others accuse him of by leading the opposition. If he succeeds in winning, all wrongs would have been forgiven and forgotten. He would have been hailed as a great hero, or ‘pahlawan yang cemerlang’.