Is it only now that the Defence Minister is aware that our Armed Forces isn’t ready for war? I think he should not have said anything about a possible conflict with North Korea, because it only exposes the real state of our Armed Forces combat readiness which hitherto may have not been known to others. Now, he says that we will have to count on our allies to support us in time of conflict, and may I ask. “who are our allies that we can count upon?”. Does he seriously think that our allies (whosoever they are) wants to be in conflict with North Korea? If I were the Defence Minister, II would rather talk about strengthening diplomacy with North Korea, rather than talk about a possible conflict with North Korea. This is the state of mind of our Ministers who can no longer think logically and sensibilly.
Bro Hishammuddin Hussein we never once won a war nor a battle. we lost to Portuguese, to the Dutch and we were taken over by British. During WII Japan ruled us American’s defeated Japan, British helped us to chase the communist away. Malaysia a mere colony of the British empire.
what are our probabilities of surviving a WAR with North Korea ?

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia has enough allies to fight North Korea if the situation…