5.13 AM : Monday. Enough about my own life. 
I am back at work on this blog at my desk in my room in Melbourne this Monday morning. No coffee yet as the kitchen is piled high with things to be washed, cleaned and wiped – courtesy of an early night….and I am reluctant to start cleaning up this early in the morning. One of those mornings! I still have some ice cold peach flavoured tea in my Bodum Vacum Mug that I made last night….and an ice cold peach flavoured tea this early in the morning gives you that “oomph” you need to kick start your day.  

This caught my eye this morning!

Panas: IGP Di Dakwa Minta Wang Rasuah

Ketua Polis Negara, Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar menafikan penyebaran perbualannya bersama penulis blog, Papagomo menerusi aplikasi WhatsApp yang menunjukkan beliau meminta rasuah sebanyak RM20,000.
Yes, it is a report over ten months old and one that I would have dismissed without a second thought. This tweet of an IGP asking for RM20K as a bribe? Come on lah where got road! He might be a tweet of an IGP who carries the balls of his political masters here and there….but do give him credit to find money some other way. The idea of an idiot like this tweet of an IGP sending an sms to anyone for a handout is insulting to all dedakers (dedakers – those who partake of dedaks!)….they are more inventive than that…..unless you are najib, rosmah or members of their family. 

This “first” family simply take  what they want! Who would be stupid enough to have RM2.6 billion deposited into their personal account and think that they will get away with it? najib. Who does not know that over RM40 million has been deposited into their personal bank account? najib. Who takes with her many many bags of God knows what on a one day trip to Turkey and think no one would notice? rosmah! And siapa “invests” in Hollywood productions with many many millions supposedly “gifted” to him and then cries “foul” when the American Department of Justice prosecutes him for money laundering? Anak angkat najib lah! dear God….our “first family” are really not that bright…are they?    

Anyway, that said….let us go on to more interesting things. 

The North Korea/Malaysia incident is interesting. It is interesting to watch the idiotic manner in which the powers that be in Malaysia handle an incident that has the potential to become a full blown international incident…especially when the “international party” is North Korea. Anything that happens within our borders can be deftly “managed’ to be played out as najib and his cohorts would want it to be played out. Anything! From appointing a CJ who has been a naughty boy for allowing his penis to disobey his religious duty of asking his first wife’s permission to marry a second wife to having the judiciary convict two murderers of a Mongolian national without wanting to know the reason behind the deed. Semua boleh di atur. 

The murder of the brother of the North Korean dictator is something else….and what kind of a “something else” it is can be seen by the manner this bn government is being treated by the North Korean government. We now know that talks are underway to free nine Malaysian citizens stranded in the Malaysia Embassy in Pyongyang. Aiyah even the taxi driver knows not to upset Noth Korea Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un….you do not mess around with this guy ma! 

Do you think he cares how many North Koreans the Malaysian government hold as hostages when he already has eight Malaysians as his hostage? The simple rule of thumb this DPM of ours should understand in dealing with a dictator is this : Kim Jong-un kills  a lot of people – his own uncle and wife included. What do you think he will do to those eight Malaysians in Pyongyang if he does not have his way? Enough said!  

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P.S. Tolong sikit Jawi, Jakim or any of those Mufti’s…do not allow the name of ALLAH to be used in vain…stop this bloody nonsense by these Melayu’s….even if it is  kak rosmah herself who is “sponsoring” them to defend Malaysia from the North Koreans! Aisehman malu lah!