Are you going to start blogging again
I do not know if I can stop writing. I have not blog for almost a week now and yet I write everyday….on pieces of paper, on my Mac in my diary….I write my thoughts, about the news coming out of K Hell, about my thoughts on what I am doing with steadyaku47. I write about anything that touches me. …the only difference now is that I do not post what I write on my blog. For now steadyaku47 is on hold. 
Why did you stop?

I wanted to monetise my blog. You guys work to earn money to live. I have always wanted to write for money….and these last 10 years have been my learning curve to understand what people want to read. This last year or so , I have begun to write what people want to read.  …… and they have in turn stop by this blog to read what I write. To get them to continue to do so meant that I had to focus on working on steadyaku47 to the exclusion of everything else but the care of my wife. She always comes first….but there is nothing else I can do outside blogging if I am to maintain those number of clicks. And I thought if I can put in the effort to make this blog interesting enough for you guys to stop by, those who read what I write might understand my needs….not wants…just my needs. When I started a crowd funding initiative to raise some money for a second hand car because the 1997  C200 that I am now using is beginning to die on me…the response was ….no, there was no response to speak of, except for a handful of friends.  

Why do you think people owe you a living?

Nobody owes me a living. Nobody! This is a win win situation. Blogging takes my time, requires my effort and a hell of a lot of thinking to make happen. And blogging costs money. Internet connections costs money. Printers require ink. Computers break down, my mobile costs money to run and when it breaks down, it costs money to repair. My car requires petrol and I know that if it breaks down now….it will be too expensive to repair.  I have enough for my needs as I am on a pension….I do not have money to spare to fund my blog work. 
What do you want?

This is my thinking. 30K to 40 K people click onto my blog daily. I imagine that if they each donate $10 ringgit to steadyaku47….do you think that is asking for too much? …even if ten percent of them do so …..that would assist me in being able to blog without having to worry about money.  

And if they don’t donate?
There is no such thing as a free meal….even if reading blogs and Facebook are free on the NET. I have done my work for almost a decade now….and some of you have been reading what I write for years….tak boleh derma some Ringgit ka? And not only for me….Sarawak Report, Mariam Mokhtar and all those other bloggers too need donations. This is not about me being “malu” to ask for help…how to “malu” when you know that you have been blogging for almost a decade…and you update your blog almost on a daily basis…..aiyah banyak kerja ma. And what I ask is not for a new BMW or ANY new car….just an old second hand car that will not break down.
So what happens now?

I need to build up a decent reserve so that I do not have to worry about money when I am blogging. What ever you can afford to tolong…please do so via the pay pal donate button on the top right hand corner of this blog first page. 
I am not saying that if you do not donate I will not write…I will always have to write. On my pension I cannot afford to blog the way I do now… asks too much of me without any returns. I will take a sabbatical for a while to look at my options…..and as always…I will share whatever is going on in my head with you via this blog or FB…..meanwhile I wait and see if there are enough of our friends out there who care enough to take the trouble to send me a few dollars to keep this blog solvent…..and if you don’t…apa nak buat? Such is life.