Conan Drums shared a link to the group: 916 Occupation Day.
Fellow Sarawakians, it is not just about “pig bristles”.

It is about the way the people in power rule the country and the strangulation of our freedom and the values associated with a free democratic society the Malayan colonial masters lied about upholding in “forming Malaysia”.
Tunku Adbul Rahman in selling his “Malaysia Plan” talked about building a nation “where we can live together in peace with one another where there will be freedom, equality, peace justice and freedom and prosperity for all”.
Lord Lansdowne Chairman of IGC assured our parents “Malaysia” would be a great buttress of freedom in Asia where the people would be privileged to conduct their affairs in the greatest possible freedom.

Now why then has the freedom we enjoyed before “Malaysia” 1963 been progressively curtailed in minute aspects according to UMNO race religion agenda acquiesced to by PBB?
If all of you here, of the privileged intelligentsia & elites have weathered all these 50 years (as colonial subjects of Malaya) without noticing that the Cardinal Point 1 of the 18/20 Point Agreement has been violated again and again, then nothing can help Sarawak.
In Germany fascism took control with Hitler’s Nazi party’s race superiority agenda.
In “Malaysia” UMNO has made its race plus religion supremacist ideology the agenda to create “Melayu Raya”. The 18/20 Points Agreement spelt out that the federation will be called “Malaysia” NOT UMNO’s desired “Melayu Raya”.
This is the agenda of UMNO and its local supporters but not all the Muslims in this country Sarawak.
For over 100 years under Brooke rule plus 17 years of British rule we were free from this form of race religion fascism.
In the last 54 years we have seen how UMNO using local proxies have tightened their grip and control over all our lives including those who believe UMNO is their saviour.
Daily this fascism is spreading to affect different aspects of our lives. There is no respect for each other as the Tunku and also Tun Razak claimed but an increasing domination of all others by the chosen race?
As citizen we have decide how long are we going to cope with the chipping away of our rights before we stand up and enough is enough and vote out the tyrants & fascists?
The only way we can save ourselves and future generation from UMNO imposed race religion supremacist apartheid is to unite and vote them out.
May be just talking to the wall.