Wan Imran Chik : I have and am LOSING confidence in Pakatan/Opposition. I almost see NO hope in ‘PKR’ which now looks like a corpse and ‘Dead-weight’ to the WHOLE coalition.

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steadyaku47 comment : Last night…late last night, way past midnight and in between sleep and consciousness I was scrolling down my mobile when I came across this piece by Wan Imran Chik on FB. The first line caught my attention and I read through what was there and felt that I wanted to put my two cents worth on what was there and the number of comments from other FB’s user……PKR please take note because there are lessons to be learned here….remember PKR, we all want to Lawan but we will not condone any opposition entity that does not pull it’s own weight.  

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I have and am LOSING confidence in Pakatan/Opposition. I almost see NO hope in ‘PKR’ which now looks like a corpse and ‘Dead-weight’ to the WHOLE coalition.
Only REASON I held on in the beginning was also because of a ‘friend’, but that SAME friend who is a YB decided to keep an ASSHOLE Kid by her side to manage her father’s free from prison campaigns, when this ASSHOLE Kid has no qualms attacking me on a Public Page in the past and even dragging another YB’s name into the picture. By keeping this asshole, I actually feel BETRAYED and all my past efforts almost like thrown down the drain.
The person who is SUPPOSED to provide ‘leadership’ as ‘Opposition Leader’ literally acts more like a SEAT WARMER for her imprisoned husband which I DO feel sorry for but ‘The People’ need a REAL leader leading the ‘Opposition Coalition’.
The person whom I see QUALIFIED to lead as ‘Opposition Leader’, some idiots deem that he is YOUNG despite once being one of the youngest managers at Petronas. He is actually DOING what the Leader of the Opposition SHOULD be doing, which is focusing on REGISTERING Voters and getting Volunteers to face the next General Elections.
Things are so BAD, that the Opposition has had to turn to amongst all people ‘Tun Dr. Mahathir’ for leadership when still MANY traditional/old school Opposition still don’t trust him, which would be a problem, but unlike the ‘Official’ opposition Leader, Tun M is the ONLY one Focused SOLELY on attacking and bringing down Najib which is ALSO what the REAL ‘Opposition Leader’ SHOULD be doing. And it doesn’t HELP really that Bersatu is ANOTHER Racial Based party FOLLOWING in UMNO’s model not bringing any REAL change with most of its members being FORMER UMNO Members who jumped or switch sides.
And SADLY, almost NOBODY in the ‘Opposition’ has the SAME charisma or oratory skill as Anwar did to inject some energy and motivation into the ‘Opposition’.
I’m more afraid that we might end-up with the SAME results as the recent US Elections, with many people Unregistered to vote and many people NOT coming out to vote…
Sorry but right now, it seems like only DAP & Bersatu are quite active while the rest…


Hussein Abdul Hamid When rafizi runs out of options and has to serve his sentence he cannot stand for party, state or federal elections….what happens then? He shot himself in his own leg when he decided he wanted to go to jail. Just my opinion….regards
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Hussein Abdul Hamid Agree only mahathir is focused on what has to be done . …and so must we….do not break ranks…as for anwar he will not b released until the opposition takes government so we need to ensure we take government first n then the first task of that government is to release  Anwar Ibrahim.
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Hussein Abdul Hamid As for Invoke….should it not be an opposition effort rather than a Rafizi vehicle?
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Wan Imran Chik That is exactly the POINT which I have mentioned. That’s WHY it almost seems like ‘Opposition’ is HEADLESS.
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Hussein Abdul Hamid Whether you agree with me or not . …remember…you are one…with me we are two…who else will join us against BN?
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