Khairy : Malaysian’s attitude the biggest obstacle to transforming nation

by Kamles Kumar

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 4 ― Putrajaya must address the mindsets of Malaysians before it can attempt to implement the ambitious National Transformation 2050 (TN50) plan, said Khairy Jamaluddin today.
The youth and sports minister said that lasting development will not be achieved unless Malaysians are receptive to change as well become more civic minded.
“The greatest fear that I have is whether or not we can change our attitudes and behaviours. That is going to be the most difficult.
“You can have the best laid out plans, you can have a road map to the top 20 nations, but without attitudinal and behavioural changed in Malaysia, then you’re not going to make it,” Khairy said his speech at the National Aspiration Leadership Summit 2017 today.

steadyaku47 comment : Another Umno Minister talking through his a**e! His Oxford educated a**e!

This guy is educated enough (Oxford …nothng less!) to understand that the mindsets of Malaysians is a product of :
  • Six decades of Umno’s “management” of our education system for political gain.
  • Umno’s abuse of government to hold on to power.
  • Umno’s abuse of government for financial gain of it’s leaders (including himself!). 
  • And Umno’s unethical and immoral policies that has seen Malaysians become the people with the attitudes and behaviour that they now have!
And what sort of attitude or behaviour is this minister talking about? Let us take him as an example! Let us start with the minister himself!

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You are the Minister in charge of Malaysia’s Sport Ministry. Ultimately you are responsible for whatever happens in that Ministry. Why don’t you take responsibility for that RM100 million scam and resign? Even if it had happened before your time…when you came into that ministry it showed that you did not do enough to expose that there have been abuses by your officials to the tune of RM100 million,…and that is not chicken feed! Take responsibility and resign! Do that and you will show by example the kind of behaviour and attitude that Malaysian can comprehend and start to impose upon their own everyday lives. 
So stop spewing rhetoric’s and empty words that you are not yourself prepared to follow. The public are more informed, more educated and more understanding of the manner this Umno led BN government conducts itself and their “CAKAP BUKAN SERUPA BIKIN” rhetoric …and you, my dear OXFORD educated a**e h**e is a classic example of it!