I remember many years back, when KLCC was being built, a contract was given to Police Cooperative for the supply of some items required in the building of KLCC. I cannot remember exactly which  contract it was given but it was given to the Police Co Op to allow that Co Op to make some money. And hopefully that money would be spent for the good of its members. Whether it was spent that way or not is for the Police Co Op to know and for us to find out.

Long story short, we know that commission and dedak was already tolerated, condone and at times even encouraged from the time of Tun Mahathir. 

And like being pregnant, there is no such thing as being a little bit pregnant…you are either pregnant or you are not. The same with bribery, corruption and money politics. Any government that looks the other way when corruption rears it’s ugly head during its reign deserves to be censured for doing so. 

So Tun Mahathir, with all due respect, consider yourself censured!

All things considered this same BN government, now under Najib Razak, takes corruption, bribery, commission and deal taking to another level. A higher level. 
Corruption, bribery, commission and dedak in the billions!
Already on projects in and around Melaka worth RM1 billion…calculating on a purata basis….RM 10 million sudah masok pocket pihak pihak tertentu! Click below for my take on this:


What other project are coming down the road from which more commission, more dedak and more bribes can be kautim?
The Melaka Gateway is, in total, about RM80 billion with four island on reclaimed land. There are more commission and dedak coming from these Melaka projects. Let us hope that those four reclaimed island are not given “freehold status”….but no “freehold status” means less commission and less dedak…so all bets are off on whether the land will be “freehold” or not. No self respecting bookmaker will take any bets from any one!
Kuala Linggi International Port (KLIP) is RM12.5 billion.

RM12.5 billion Kuala Linggi International Port (KLIP) development …


Nov 1, 2016 – KUALA LUMPUR: T.A.G Marine Sdn Bhd, operator of Kuala Linggi Port in … RM12.5 billion Kuala Linggi International Port (KLIP) development launched … Kerabat Diraja Malaysia’ (D.K.M) title by the Malaysian government.
Carey Island RM200 billion.

Kong: RM200 billion Carey Island port ‘complements not competes …


Jan 19, 2017 – Kong: RM200 billion Carey Island port ‘complements not competes’ … its RM200 billion port industrial city project in Carey Island, calling it … Port Klang is Malaysia’s largest port and the world’s 12th busiest, according to CNA.

Bagan Datoh….just the road linking Bagan Datoh with the other ports is already estimated to cost RM5 Billion…so the Bagan Datoh Port is anybody’s guess!

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Bagan Datoh set to shine as state’s next port hub | New Straits Times …


Mar 19, 2016 – Bagan Datoh set to shine as state’s next port hub … It will help connect Port Klang , Lumut Port and Penang Port with the proposed port in Bagan Datoh, … the new port in Bagan Datoh, Perak can help Malaysia position itself as …
With a land bridge ECRL there will be a port at Tumpat.(the terminus).

Malaysia, China to sign contract for RM55bil East Coast Railway on …

www.thestar.com.my › Business › Business News

Oct 31, 2016 – BEIJING: Malaysia and China will sign the framework financing … the new double -track rail project connecting Port Klang (Selangor) to Tumpat …

By 2050 this bloody BN government can thump their chest and announce to the world : Malaysia will be a country with the most port! We have a Port in Kuantan, Johore, West Port, Penang and other small ports….MALAYSIA BOLEH!
How much in bribes, commission and dedak from all these projects? 
At 1% purata already disbursed in Melaka……..you can just do the sums on the others! And divide all these dedaks between Mr A, B, C and D…and do not forget the mother of the dedak takers – thet Bugis Warrior and his Flying Hippo.
Yes, China’s “One Road One Belt” is driving their entry into Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and, of course, Malaysia. Rangoon is already facing problems and the unused port in Pakistan to cater for the China Pakistan Corridor has already costs billions to build.  
In the end it does not a Professor Ungku Aziz to tell you all that these ports are going to be under utilised! And the “soft loans”, “no interest loans”, “pay when you can loans” or whatever you want to call these money that China is giving/using to built all these infrastructures from rails, roads to ports and their supporting ancillaries…..ultimately it has to be paid for!
So siapa kena bayar China?
Go ask the Mak Chik selling the Nasi Lemak. Ask that Indian selling Putu Mayam or that Chinese Hawker selling Char Kueh Teow…. BRIM or no Brim, GST or no GST…they all know that in the end it is the Rakyat that will have to stump out the money to pay China.
And they also know that the dedak takers are already laughing all the way to the bank even before the ground breaking ceremony commences for any of these projects!