Over a hundred supporters gathered at the Kuala Lumpur Internation Airport to welcome suspended Majlis Amanah Rakyat (Mara) chairperson Annuar Musa upon his return from New Zealand tonight.
Clad in red shirts and holding up banners, the group prayed together with Annuar when he arrived at the airport’s international arrival hall, and then filled the airport with loud chants of ‘Allahuakhbar!’ (God is Great!).
steadyaku47 comment : What we see in the images above is what our country has now become under an Umno devoid of ethics, morality or grace. An Umno that I, as a Malay, can no longer identify with, an Umno rotten to the core and an Umno that has surely become one giant criminal enterprise jointly and severally peopled by my own race and filled with only Muslims intent upon one goal and one goal only : the getting of material wealth to satisfy an insatiable greed embedded into their very soul by over seven decades of politics where cash is king.    
And in everything they do they call upon ALLAH to bless them. 
In welcoming back the corrupt ex Chairman of MARA – they call upon ALLAH to bless him
In going to Mecca to cleanse themselves of their sins they call upon ALLAH to forgive them.
In their denial of any criminal act or intent, they call upon ALLAH as their witness.
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I Accept
Even when announcing to the world that his anus have been tempered with, ALLAH is called upon to give veracity to his claims. I hope he does not forget to thank ALLAH for the good fortune that followed this act.  
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I Accept
This is what people bankrupt of morals, ethics and grace do when nothing else can make what  wrong they have done to be right. This is what Umno has become….a political entity that sees no other road to salvation but ALLAH because what they have done and continue  to do to themselves, by themselves and for themselves are beyond any decent limits of rationality or tolerance of any legal system and beyond any sense of propriety or logic.
A prime minister that does not know of millions banked into his personal account? A prime minister found with RM2.6 billion of “donation” in his personal account? Political leaders and politicians with unaccounted millions to their names? A prime minister wife approved by cabinet to use government jets? Billions scammed out of government entities – from 1MDB to Tabung Haji to EPF to FGV….and from many others? All these criminal enterprise are being condoned, nay encouraged even, by a corrupt Attorney General and a corrupt PIG (Police Inspector General)…..and they know that even a corrupt Attorney General and a corrupt PIG will not be able to protect them from the coming wrath of the Rakyat…and so they call upon ALLAH to protect then, ALLAH to forgive them, ALLAH to bless them and ALLAh to bear witness to their righteousness. 
And where are the Muftis who are suppose to do ALLAH’s work on this earth? They too are busy asking ALLAH for guidance in doing that work….and while they listen to what ALLAH has to say…sadly,  they do not hear what ALLAH has to say.
And so this merry go round goes on and on and on until we hope, that ALLAH has had enough of Umno’s shenanigans and take it upon HIMSELF to do what is right. 
You can wait for ALLAh to do that….I will continue to write what I can to tell you you what Umno is doing wrong and I hope you will continue to pray to ALLAH to do what needs to be done….but please also do what has to be done for do not forget to tie your camel in the jungle even if you trust in ALLAH!