Translation of a viral post circulating in Spanish on social media: 
So you voted to build a wall …. well my dear North Americans, although you don’t understand much about geography it’s important that before you lay the first bricks you understand what you’re leaving outside that wall.
On the outside there are 7 billion people – but since you don’t know much about those people, we will call them consumers. There are 7 billion consumers willing to replace the iPhone with Samsung or Huawei. They can replace Levi’s with Zara or Massimo Duti. We can stop buying Ford or Chevrolet because we also like Toyota and Volvo, and Renault and BMW. Those 7 billion can also stop subscribing to Directv and we wouldn’t like it, but we can stop watching Hollywood movies. Although it seems incredible, we don’t have to go to Disney: there are other destinations in South America, Asia and Europe. And believe it or not, there are better burgers than McDonalds. We know there is Adidas and not just Nike. We know much more than you think; We know for example that if those 7 billion consumers do not buy your products, there will be unemployment and your economy – inside the wall – will collapse to the point where we will be asked to come knock it down.
We didn’t want to, but … you wanted a wall, you’re going to get a wall.