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comment by Kassim S.A.

Like most everyone else who start their morning with a freshly-brewed cup of coffee, I always endeavour to gain an insight into the background of the speaker before I listen to what she had to share. And this is what I gleaned about this speaker:
1. She was born in Lebanon to Christian parents. She was 10 when the civil war broke out in Lebanon. She was alleged to have lived a relatively normal life during the war
2. She was said to have over-simplified the conflict in South Lebanon as a Muslim war against the Christians, her account of experiences as “overdone” and her persona and campaign as a “con act”.
3. Her pro-Israel and anti-Islam speeches made her a “recommended speaker” by the Hasbara Fellowship Speakers Bureau, a pro-Israeli advocacy group.

And what did I learn from her?
1. Not only was she bad in history, she was poor in arithmetic. She took an entire 16 minutes to summarise her 5-minute history of Islam
2. She appears to have no knowledge about the Koran and a little confused about what is Islam and who is a Muslim.