China’s One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiatives promoting regional and cross-continental connectivity between China and Eurasia covering  five major areas of interest: policy coordination, infrastructure construction (including railways and highways), unimpeded trade, financial integration and people-to-people ties, is driving their “investment” in Malaysia. 
The first tidal wave of commissons /dedak/bribes (call it anything you like) from the influx of Chinese funds….now already about  RM150 billion (give or take a few billions) flowing into Malaysia has already found their ways into the pockets of Umno and MCA goons, their cronies, sahabats and other unsavoury characters that walks the corridors of powers in Putrajaya and worship the very ground that Najib and Rosmah traverse!
Yes I did say MCA goons…or should I say MCA pimps because MCA “special envoys” are sidelining the Malaysia Ambassador in Peking to do their own “kautim” with the powers that be in China for the financial advantage of the powers that be in MCA!
In Melaka alone RM80 billion plus RM12 billion in investment at one percent commission for introducer fees etc etc…has already seen RM10 million flow into the pockets of these Umno goons and MCA pimps! 
Ini bukan kaching putih ma…this is cash into their pockets!
There is still Carey Island (projected USD100million) and Bagan Datok to come….no wonder Najib is still PM…..May ALLAH help our nation for UMNO will surely not!