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So Annuar Musa is out! 
And when the decision was made by MARA Board members, their Minister was not aware that they were deciding on ousting Annuar Musa as their Chairman.  
And now their minister,Ismail Sabri, tells us that Najib too was not aware that this was going to happen. 
Is Ismail Sabri telling us that MARA board members decided to dismiss their chairman, Annuar Musa, WITHOUT consulting the Minister? Without consulting the prime minister?
Either the Board Members of MARA are a courageous lot who have woken up to the fact that their Chairman is corrupt or they are stupid enough to think that they can get away with dismissing a Chairman who had been appointed by the prime minister.
And then there is also the question of how many board members were complicit in making possible a corrupt Chairman to act corruptly in MARA for the term of his office.  
And what about Annuar Musa? He seems to be the least troubled by the situation he is in…and why should he be too trouble when he has powerful friends in Putrajaya?
After all the man who appointed him to be Chairman of Mara, Najib Razak, in whose personal bank account was found to have many billions for which, until today, we are none the wiser as from where it was sourced, is still in office.  
Then there is Isa Samad, who, while he was Chairman of FGV, the world’s largest palm oil producer, saw a decline in revenue, unusual stock loss amounting to RM57 million in a jointly controlled entity in Turkey, and another year of loss in 2016 as its net loss for the third quarter ended Sept 30 increased to RM94.87 million from RM33.93 million in the corresponding period the year before. And while Isa is no longer Chairman of FGV his spoils of office seems unencumbered 
Taib Mahmud and a host of other Umno and BN “has been” are all rolling in the money and are all free and under no judicial process that will require for them to submit to the court the source of their insane wealth all acquired during the term of their public office!
So why should Annuar Musa be troubled? 
If anything, at this very moment, Najib is already thinking where he can next positioned a man of Annuar Musa’s capability and experience to further assist him in his odious political agenda.
After all a paedophile is Chairman of  Risda. A “convicted of corruption taker” Isa Samad, was Chairman of FGV……and that mother of all “donation takers”, Najib Razak seems to be going from strength to strength as he heads a government that makes corruption and political power the new normal of all things Malaysian!  
Have no fear Annuar….Najib is here! Semua bisa di atur!