The director and deputy director of the Sabah Water Department, and nineteen district engineers has been arrested in October last year for ALLEGED corruption. RM52 million in cash was seized from the home of the director and his deputy while an additional RM60 million was found in their bank accounts.

Today….as expected….Najib’s government did not disappoint us! 
SPRM stamped the file NFA (No Further Action). No corruption…any action will be “atas kesalahan pengubahan wang haram!”….movement of illegal cash.

It is just past 6 AM here in Melbourne. And that is the first piece of news I terima from Bolehland this Saturday morning 14th January 2016. How does one react to this latest piece of blatant, arrogant and “could not care a rats ass what the Rakyat thinks” piece of s**t that this corrupt prime minister of ours has just sanctioned SPRM to announce?     
My first reaction is not anger…it was more me telling myself a quiet “I told you so” with a shake of my head to comfort my aching heart and to acknowledge that again, we have been f**ked by this BN government led by najib.   

Nor am I incensed at the audacity of a prime minister brave enough to tell the people that the millions found at the home of a civil servant serving under his administration are NOT the proceed of corruption. Why should I be when we have seen him deny that billions gone missing from 1MDB and FELDA….I repeat billions not millions…. are the result of any wrongdoing within his administration! That the 2.6billion found in his personal account are not the proceeds of any crime but merely a donation from sources still unknown to us all. 
I read about this latest Najib sanctioned SPRM NFA decision on the Jabatan Air Negri Sabah incident without spilling a drop of the coffee I was drinking…either in anger at the audacity of it all or at the “courage” of Najib and the head of SPRM to come up with such a statement. Neither was I upset that the head of SPRM did not exercise some common sense and stood his ground….and said “NO…I will not do so”…but he did not! He has mouths to feed, probably mortgages and hire purchases to take care of and his pension to think about. 
So how? 

First I resolved to finish my coffee. Then, I told myself, I will sit down to write this piece and tell myself…..another day …another nail in Najib’s coffin. This is how najib will commit Harikiri ….not by slicing open his stomach with a dagger and moving the dagger from right to left to slice open his stomach and let his intestine spill out  onto a tray …and then have some one decapitate him to ensure a a swift death to restore lost honour…

No no no…not for Najib! 

He long ago cast honour to the winds. 
He commits Harikiri by tiny pin pricks onto his body…and each time he does so, he draws blood….and the more he does this ..the more he nears death for the human body can only lose so much blood before it dies on itself. The 2.6billion donation did not kill him. Neither did FGV or 1MDB…..but his life is ebbing away…..and soon he will be dead…of this I am sure. Politcally dead. Politically irrelevant. A political dodo consigned to be with the dogs….the very same dogs who he now feeds with copious amounts of dedak!   

Kita tunggu aja.