For quite some time now in Malaysia, among politicians and those in high public office, it is no longer enough to just have one thief in the family… even if that thief is the head of that family. So vast are the amounts being songlap from the people’s and national coffers, so rich and massive the takings, so sustained and tedious the physical act of taking bribes and proceeds of corruption…the head of the family, must, for practical purposes, involve his immediate family in the said act…and more often than not…even relatives and cohorts!

Welcome to Bolehland where Umno reigns. Where the Bugis Warrior and Spouse have by deeds and intent, designated themselves to be the Masters of Songlap and Lord over  Umno, BN and all things Malaysians!

Songlap is not a Malay word but is a slang which carries the meaning of ‘unlawful disappearance of money’. 

In this country of ours where you go cuti cuti after you curi curi, amassing the spoils of political and public office starts right at the very top. In Sarawak, Taib Mahmud the ex CM has deservingly been accorded legendary status in the pursuit of financial gain from political office. In Semananjung the thieving starts in Seri Perdana no less! And in Sabah the recent RM37 million seized from top Sabah Officials tells a tale familiar to every one  of us….the fish rots from the head down.

Let me elaborate further. Here are some other Father/mother and family co conspirators whose deeds shall live in infamy for what they have done and are still doing in the getting of dedak for themselves!

Razak Baginda and Family
Sharizat and Family
That tweet of an IGP and family
Zahid and Family
Nazri Aziz and Family
and many others….much too many!

And we all know about the recent KSU that have been apprehended together with family members!

And of course we must not forget the others….

Samy Velu and family
A number of MCA presidents and their families.
Joh Low and his father. 
etc etc etc….

And we are just skimming the top of the putrid cream here….delve a bit deeper and a can worms will be uncovered….make that a big can of worms!

How is this possible? How does a father tell his family that he is so corrupt that he needs the family to help him take care of business! And that business is stealing money? Money in the millions…..and in some cases…in the billions!

Think about that!

How did Rosmah give the green light for Reza to start conspiring with Joh Low and become a Hollywood producer. Did Rosmah, over coffee or dinner, told Reza… “Emak dah bincang dengan Najib….di kata OK!” And if she did, how did she indicate that hundreds of millions will be made available to him to invest in Hollywood….hundreds of millions will be available to buy properties in New York, London and in places still unknown to us! And did she actually told him which property she wanted him to purchase? 
How did Najib and Rosmah explained to their family member who accompanied them,  about that cruise on board the Tatoosh off Monaco with Joh Low and that Prince Turki? That it was just a holiday? Or did Najib’s and Rosmah’s children joined in the “discussions” and were privy to the goings on on board the Tatoosh?

And when Najib and Rosmah were spending the millions for their daughter’s wedding….did none of them ever asked their parents where all those millions were coming from? Or was it all explained away by Rosmah as being her savings that she has been diligently putting away for such a day from the time she started working?

And for this KSU that was arrested this week together with his children…money even kept in the servants room?

How does Razak Baginda sit down for dinner with his wife and daughter across him? Can they all sit together and eat without choking on their food? Does his wife sleeps in a separate room unable to let him touch her knowing what has happened between him and Altantuya? 
And you can ask the same questions of Sharizat, Samy Velu, Nazri Aziz, Razak Baginda and all those MCA presidents ……how do they live with themselves knowing that they have brought their family into crime? Does money….in vast amounts…. make you do these things? And more worrying…what will it take to make these Umno and BN leaders and those in high public office understand what irreparable damage they are doing to the structure of our society by what they do!

I say get these bastards out of political and public office asap…if we do not then we and our family too will be consigned to the abyss that dedak has already drawn them into!