Happy bornday Empress…a feast fit for an Empress…

As always for the Flying Hippo….one of anything is never enough…even cakes for birthdays! Take away all the trappings of ostentatious greed, avarice and pretentious sense of unmitigated pride and non-existent self-worth….take away all the physical aspects that their corrupt money has bought….banish all the hangers on and all those seeking more offerings of dedak from these couple surrounded by hubris…what do you have? 
Two ageing obese human being….not at all good looking by any conventional standards… not all good looking by ANY standards…..waiting for the time when there is that knock on the door that tells them that the party is really over. That the time has come for all the frivolities, for the good times and for all the unending cash flow from the Rakyat coffers…for all of it to end.   
That end nears with each passing day…with each passing hour….and soon their end will be measured in minutes. When it comes no one will be any wiser to their plight then these two for they know not what karma is…they know not that every dog has its day …they know not there for those who live by the sword will surely die by the sword. Amen!