Two images jump into my mind every time I see “IGP and PDRM” in the same sentence : Benny Hill and that man holding on to a picture of someone who looks like him….

That Bangladeshi restaurant worker can carry at least five plates with his left hand and possibly another two with his right…now tell me what can this IGP do?

Ahhh I almost forgot…he can Tweet!

No…seriously….what can this Police Inspector General (PIG) do apart from licking boots and arses?
His daughter has a shop selling…what else…..guns and bullets! It is guns and bullets that have caused the death of many in PDRM. Tell me….what kind of an idiot would allow his own daughter to sell guns and bullets that could kill his own officers while they are doing their duty? The kind of an idiot that this IGP Tweet happens to be!
His men fight crimes and maintain Law and Order. What does this PIG do?

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Nov 25, 2016 – “As a country that is responsible to its people, if there is a way, police will help them, as they are our citizens. Although, we (understand that … 

He does give a lot of warnings…….mostly ignored and ridiculed by those being warned! 

Why does he not go and fight crime? We know he is too busy licking boots and arses of his political masters to go out and fight crime…..especially Najib’s boots and arse! 

And now he wants to help those Malaysian ISIS fighters come back to Malaysia. These are terrorists who have been committing terrorist acts in other people’s country and PDRM is going to assist them to come back to Malaysia? 


For what reason? 

The Red Shirts are not militant enough to do Najib’s bidding? The Bangladeshi’s and Indons will not deliver their votes to BN without these ex-ISIS terrorist performing stand over tactics upon them? Does Umno need these ex-ISIS fighters to advance the cause of Islam in Malaysia? Are not these ex-ISIS terrorisst the same people who have given Islam a bad name internationally? Are these not the same people who have inflicted untold sufferings upon other Muslims? ISIS kill Muslims!


Did this Tweet think about helping these ex ISIS fighters come back to Malaysia all on his own or did his political master gave him a pat on his head and told him to do so? From what I have seen this PIG do, I would not be surprised if he even calls up Najib to ask for permission before he takes a shit in his own house!

I have my own opinion of him…..and you can read about it by clicking on the links below:  

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We have already had one IGP taken to court and given a light slap on his wrist for the beating he cowardly gave Anwar Ibrahim. This Tweet of a PIG deserves something that will allow the public to participate in punishing him. Tar and feather him….and make him walk the streets of KL….or better still…..put him in  jail with criminals who would surely welcome his presence among them with much exuberance and physicality. He deserves nothing less.