Like the boy who cried Wolf once too often, I have become desensitized by the constant reminders from Umno that the Chinese, like the Barbarians of old, were already at the gates of our Malay house…..and the Chinese will soon enter our abode to take from us all that we hold dear, all that we posses and leave us with nothing….not even the shirt on our back.
And that these Chinese and DAP are one and the same thing!

KUALA LUMPUR: Najib Razak today singled out the DAP in the Umno general assembly, warning delegates that the “secular party” would destroy Bumiputera rights and institutions reserved for the community should it come to power.
“This includes Mara, Felda, Risda, Felcra and Teraju. They would just become extinct and disappear off the face of the earth,” the Umno president claimed in his keynote speech.
Najib, who is also the prime minister, said the DAP was a party that championed “extreme liberalism and secularism” which would negate Umno’s struggle all these years.
“I believe that the Malays and Bumipuetra community will be worried and live in fear.”
Should DAP come to power, Najib warned, Islamic institutions would not be taken seriously.
“Islamic institutions like Lembaga Tabung Haji, Jakim, Jawhar, the Zakat board will undermined,” he claimed.
Umno, he stressed, was the only party that could secure the future of the Malays.

What Najib say the DAP will do to the Malays if the DAP ever have political power, NAJIB and those in Umno have already doing to the Malays for decades !

Who did not allow the Malays in Kelantan to have their rightfull share of the oil royalties? It was Umno!

Who ordered the murder of those Malays in Memali? The leaders within Umno!

Robert Kuok the Chinese who once held the monopoly on sugar, have been selling sugar at a fair and reasonable price until it was taken over by the Malays in Malaysian Sugar Refineries (owned by FGV) and Central Sugar Refineries (Owned by Syed Mokhtar). On their behalf this BN government  have signed contracts paying above market price to secure supply of raw sugar. Now who will pay for that? The Malays of course. 

All things considered, I have more fear of Najib and Umno than of the DAP.

Not the fear that I have for snakes that are poisonous…….not the fear I have for contracting contagious diseases that could kill me….no…the fear I have for Najib and Umno lies within many of us simply because we are powerless in the face of a leader and a government intent on using the political might that is within their grasps for personal gain.
Will DAP put a convicted corrupt politician to head FELDA? Umno did!

Will DAP installed a paedophile to be Chairman of Risda? Umno did!

What about Tabung Haji…would not DAP put in some one better than a used car salesman to be its head? Umno did not!

Will the DAP appoint as Cheif Justice a person who has wilfully cheated on his wife by marrying another one without her permission and then proceeded to deceitfully try to cover up for his wrong? Umno did.

Was DAP complicit in bringing down Bank Bumiputra?

What about the failure of almost every privatized “business opportunity” given out by the Umno led BN government? Were any of those privitized “business opportunity” owned by anybody from DAP? Or should the question be …can Umno point out to any one of these failures that did not have any member of Umno within it’s management or shareholders!

Did any DAP member benifitted from that RM 2.6 billion donation Najib recieved from sources still unknown?

What about 1MDB? Is Kit Siang or any member of his family on the board of 1MDB? Did any money from 1MDB flowed into the account of anyone in DAP? Here I must point out that some money might have flowed into the account of a person AFTER he left DAP….only that “Royal”: personage can confirm or deny the validity of this….but it is a thought!

So what have the Malays to fear from the DAP?

Najib says DAP “would destroy Bumiputera rights and institutions reserved for the community should it come to power”.

My dear Najib….you have already done that! Any one that comes after you will have, as their first task, to save this nation of ours from the ravages of corrutpion that your greed have caused on this once great nation of ours.  

Interest per Year


Interest per Second


Debt per Citizen


This national debt alone will kill the Malays before the DAP can!