steadyaku comment : Nampaknya Malaysian Crime Watch is going all out after this Tweet of a PIG (Police Inspector General).

This is just the start of the chase…well it is not really a chase because they already got Khalid by his balls with this exposure of Istana Mantin. When you have someone’s balls in your grasps…his heart and mind will have to follow.

Another “Khir Toyo” sandiwara happening? Already dah ada “aerial pictures” of the Istana released on to the public domain.

What is next?

Documents to confirm ownership? Maybe some images of the inside of the house? Some details of the transaction on what the PIG did to secure the Istana on his salary as a government servant perhaps? Or maybe he will tell us that he bought the land at a generous discount and was able to have RM5 million leftover from his savings to build the house!

I am waiting for Khalid’s first denial that he is the owner of the Istana….take as long as you like Khalid…the longer you take, the deeper you get yourself into the shit that you are already in.

And see how fast Najib gets rid of you as soon as you become a liability to him!

Khalid…we are watching you!