Sometime in the early hours of Friday morning, if the Gods favor’s me…..steadyaku47 will get it’s 10 million click. A milestone which, it seems, only I care about! But that is how blogging is……people remember you only for the last posting that you posted on your blog! Anything else is incidental…you Google “Jamal Jamban” because that is what you want to read about…….and if I did write about it, you may or may not click onto my blog. You surf the Net and sometimes you stop by steadyaku47 most days you don’t. But all things must pass…..and before this ten million milestone is passed, there are some people I need to remember for having started and guided me on this journey.
First there is Lim Kit Siang. Go to this link and you will see that he, before anyone else, even before steadyaku47 started, published what I wrote on his Lim Kit Siang blog : Archive for category Hussein Hamid – Lim Kit Siang.
Then there is my classmate at MCKK : the late Zaharan Razak and the late Yusof Ahmad (the Ancient Mariner) – both of them encouraged me to write and posted my articles on their blog…..and insisted that I should start my own blog….and I did, with steadyaku47. 
Why the name steadyaku47? 
When I started blogging I did not even know how to send an email….my son did it for me. So you can imagine what starting a blog meant to me then. I choose “steadyaku” because I imagined myself to be quite like a GP trying to do brain sugery on one of his patients because there is simply no one else around to do so…and if he did not perform the operation, the patient will certainly die. So the least he can do is try …all the while telling himself “steady…steady….steady” without much conviction. So there I was …someone who does not even know how to send an email trying to blog….and so I choose “steady aku” to give me some confidence to do so…and 47 is the year of my birth.
After when I started my own blog, two ladies were always there to encourage me…Lita and Pat …… and to both of them, whom I have never met, I must say how much their words of encouragement meant to me…and those words of encouragement kept me writing.
And then there was FMT – Free Malaysia Today. I started writing for them on a handshake with Nelson – whom I believe was the Numero Uno then. He gave me a free hand to write what I wanted under the name of CT Ali and I am grateful for that opportunity. Thank you Nelson for I learned a lot writing for FMT. And my thanks to the then Editor, Kabilan who also gave me good advise on what I should and should not do when I write. If you want to read what I wrote there, here is the link to the FMT Archives : Stories by CT ALi
I must also thank Petra of Malaysia Today because he posted a number of my articles in Malaysia Today and that gave me the exposure I needed to gain a wider readership. I still remember how I got over 5000 clicks when Petra posted the first of my articles in MT (the usual clicks I got was a few hundreds a day! I had to ask Helen Ang to explain the surge of clicks to me….and I still did not understand why then! These days Petra and me  have agreed to disagree…but I must still say thank you to you Petra.
It has been a hell of a journey to get to my ten million click – not all fun…it is not all fun doing over   8600 postings in these six years of blogging…but it has been a hell of a journey. No need to thank you guys who stopped by to read what I  write because it is a two way street.I don’t write…you don’t stop by. I write…you read….and I write some more….so two way street. 
But I can tell you this for sure….I am always grateful that you guys read what I write. Today I get a daily avearge of 20K clicks …so the next ten million clisks will take another year to get…give or take a few months! So on to my next ten million clicks.