steadyaku47 comment: Camna ni? Si Jamban sudah bergaduh dengan that ass licking boot licker of a PIG (Police Inspector General) aka BABI aka Bakul….nampak nya dedak sudah kena cukai sebelum sampai kepada si Jamban dan that PIG. Biasa lah ni….dulu ransom yang patut di beri ka Abu Sayaf pon kena cukai!

No ransom paid for kidnapped Malaysian sailors: Zahid Hamidi, SE ……/no-ransompaid-for-kidnappedmalaysian-sailors-zahid-hami…
Jun 17, 2016 – No ransom paid for kidnapped Malaysian sailors: Zahid Hamidi. The four … The controversy came as Malaysia and Philippine authorities were …

Abu Sayyaf claims cheated of RM3m in ransom payment to free ……/abu-sayyaf-claims-cheated-of-rm3m-in-ra
Jun 20, 2016 – The source said that information received showed that a Philippine … “It is common knowledge in Malaysia that usually P30 million is paid as … Sing, 34, were kidnapped from a commercial barge, MV Massive 6, in the …. Jamal punched in the face during fracas at Ampang Point · The day Dr M wore ‘Anwar’ …

Malaysia: 12 Million Paid to Philippines Was Not Ransom – BenarNews
Jun 16, 2016 – A Malaysian official on Thursday admitted paying 12 million ringgits (U.S. $2.94 … Hamidi insisted no ransom payment was made to release four MalaysianPhilippine media reported on Thursday that four more Malaysian sailors … The militant group based in the southern Philippines kidnapped fourteen …

Families of Ex-Hostages: Ransom Was Paid to Release Four Malaysians
Jun 15, 2016 – The families of four Malaysian sailors released from captivity last week … that any ransom was paid to the southern Philippine-based Abu Sayyaf … The four sailors, who all hail from Sibu, Sarawak, were kidnapped on April 1.

Hostages say ransom was paid for their release | Free Malaysia Today…/06/…/hostages-say-ransom-was-paid-for-their-release/
Jun 15, 2016 – Now-freed kidnap victims say ransom was paid to Abu Sayyaf … the militants and Malaysian and Filipino authorities prior to their release.

Maybe that PIG tak dapat script dari Najib for what has to be done dengan si Jamban ni dengan hooligan red shirts……tapi script atau no script what happens when tempers flares and the red shirts or the police lose control of the situation is yet to be seen.     

Siapa yang tak dapat dedak (macam saya)…… perhati saja lah…jangan lupa cari kerusi yang selesa dan siapkan ice tea dengan kuachi untuk snack.