In Malaysia, when you have political power, there are many many things you can do. Legal and illegal. Right and wrong. Evil and good. We have seen in the past that most of those with political power will try to hold on to that political power for as long as they can through whatever means at their disposal, legal and otherwise, and while doing so, they have  enjoyed the spoils of political office. 

Some more so than others!

From houses:

To cars

 To women
We thought we have seen it all after the children and family members of some past prime ministers became insanely wealthy but just when we think that even wealth has it’s limits…along comes GREED. 


Greed is a concept that took time for many of us to fathom because with greed we need to get our heads around matters and issues that are foreign to many Malaysian. Spending million on flowers for a wedding is a concept that simply blows my mind.
 And bringing this much luggage on a two day trip to Turkey is also insane:
But that is what greed does to you! And Najib and Rosmah has got greed flowing out of every orifice of their greedy selves! 
And with greed comes many other odious things. ….bringing your step son (who is under investigation by the US Department of Justice for Kleptocracy running into the hundreds of millions) along with you on an official trip to China paid for by the people of Malaysia, is one of those odious things!

I understand that Najib and Rosmah are past caring what it is that they do while Najib is president of Umno and prime minister of Malaysia simply because they know that they are past the point of no return. They know that there is simply no decent and right way out  of the mess they are in now…..way too deep in their own shit to be able to get out of it by any means! China is just another means for them to satify their greed….BUT you and I know that greed can never be satisfied.
They are already in China, the MOU’s are already being signed and soon they will be flying back to KL with the spoils of Najib’s political manouvering. …..and one by one, all will be revealed by those who think they have not got as much of the political spoils as they deserved or as much as they have been promised by Najib.
Until then….kita tunggu!