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steadyaku47 comment : Anwar bersatu dengan Mahathir . For Anwar Ibrahim the difficult he does immediately the impossible takes a bit longer. And he does the impossible while incarcerated within Sungai Buloh! 

Advisor to Bersama Pribumi Bersatu…whose advice must be asked and acted upon? 

Surely not! 

That thought is tantalising in its totality to many, but at last he his where I have always thought he should best be : Not King but King Maker. 

Yes, Anwar Ibrahim does deserves to be King by default for no one today exists that could do what Anwar has done and can possibly do for King, country and all Malaysians, but surely he and Mahathir would be content to now pass the baton to someone younger and free from the baggage that both of them are burden with. For all the good that these two have done for King, country and all Malaysians, we do not want to be  reminded by mischievous and devious opponents that these two were once part of the problem we now face….money politics, and the lack of good governance.  

Decidedly this is a very delicate moment for me to remind them of money politics and good governance during their time of serving the nation and us, but someone has to Bell the Cat…better me 3000 kilometres away that anyone of one within the confines of K Hell. 
Let us all, from the very beginning, announce to those who think themselves qualified to lead us, the few “wants” we will insist they not lose sight of.  

  • That, leadership is a responsibility, not a right. 
  • That government is only for those who are our servant, not our masters. 
  • That public service is not a means to beget insane wealth.
For sure the beginning of Bersama Pribumi Bersatu will be herald with much fanfare and promises of a great many things to come. I shall listen, make polite respect to Tun Mahatir, Mahyuddin and Anwar and all those who deem themselves the leading light of this new political entity but my trust for politicians have weathered too much storms in the past to be able to trust any of them unconditionally….no make that “to trust any politicians at all” –  especially those with Umno beginnings, those who “blossoms” while in Umno and those who have only seen the erorrs of their ways post Umno! 
Enough said for now lest I am taken to be from the enemy camp by those who are now our front line in our fight to remove Najib from office and to do whatever it is that they want to do, to, or with Umno. 
For all the evil that Umno has done surely, it is not wise to seek to annihilate an entity with 3 million Malays, deep pockets, and a large, very large army. 
Surely the more prudent thing to do will be to seek change within Umno. Change that would enable them to be a positive force within the current political scenario where accountability, responsibility and clarity of purpose and openness in its performance  are demanded by the Rakyat of their politicians.   
These are my random thoughts in the first week of the birth of Bersama Pribumi Bersatu. 
Over time, these thoughts will adjust to the realities that politics insists of all of who wants to win government and for those of us who wants them to win government. 
Let us all , for now, wish them well. Let us all pray that  ALLAH will bless Bersama Pribumi Bersatu….but it would seem that noting will save Najib Razak!