Mahthir, Mahyuddin, Kamarulzaman Habibbur Rahman, Anina Saadudin, Mukhriz, Sanusi Junid, Syed Saddiq Abdul Rahman these are all part of the problem that has seen corruption, arrogance and the odious sense of entitlement color politics in Malaysia : THEY ARE PART OF THE PROBLEMS WE NOW HAVE IN MALAYSIA, THEY ARE NOT THE SOLUTION….and nothing says this more than the fact that this new political party will only be for Bumiputra!
Have you forgotten that gathering of influential individuals recently that sought to remove Najib as Prime Minister and those that signed the documents supporting Mahathis in his bid to remove Najib as the prime minister? There were non-Malay faces in there : Lim Kit Siang, Ling Liong Sik, Teresa Kok, Anthony Loke, Ambiga Sreenevasan, Maria Chin Abdullah, Matthias Chang,  …and I sure there were a few more in that room. 
Mahathir has appealed to the citizens of Malaysia to support him and even got a million of these citizens to sign a declaration to this end. What about the 1 million signatories to the Citizen’s Declaration…all Malays?   
Tak boleh buat begini lah! You ask all Malaysia to stand together against Najib and Umno (the Umno that now supports Najib). Then you get 1 million of them to sign a Citizen Declaration to that effect…and now you are to form a political party to do exactly that…and you exclude the non-Malays?
What a racist, arrogant and narrow minded way of doing things! 
When will this “Umno way” of doing things ends? And while we are hantaming Umno, the same goes to DAP, MIC and any other political party that is only for one race. Please do put up your hands Kit siang to tell us that DAP is for all races…and the same for PKR too….we know what you all have been saying, we hear what you all are saying…but your cakap is not serupa bikin lah!
And here comes Mahatir and Mahyuddin at the top of the heap of this Malay political party…again! Does it all not seem to be too familiar? While in office they are all Umno…what has changed? Mahthir is no longer PM and Mahyuddin is no longer DPM. As always…while in office do they care about the injustice that our people have been subjected to by Umno for the last six decades? No they do not care…..but they will start caring about the common people once they are out of office. So how?
I say that if you want to form a political party for ALL Malaysians then all Malaysians should be able to be a member of that political party…if not that political party is dead before it even gets registered,