syteadyaku47 comment : Looks like the Sultans can become relevant again…if they so desires it to be. I wrote this piece almost two years back….still relevant?

First posted on Tuesday, 17 February 2015


Rosmah Mansor took the oath of office… that is not right….when
Rosmah’s husband took the oath of office…..not right too. Lets start again…this is a serious piece that I am trying to write here….
When Najib Razak took the oath of office as Prime Minister before the Yang di Pertuan Agong, among other things he pledged:

“I hereby pledge to discharge my
duties as prime minister to the best of my ability and pledge  my
undivided allegiance to the king,” 
Prime Minister, the DPM, all
Minister in Cabinet, every other individual in Public Office, in
Government, PDRM , the Army, Navy and Air force etc etc – all swear
undivided allegiance to King and Country. 
allegiance : the loyalty of a citizen to his or her government or of a subject to his or her sovereign. 

if all these guys swear allegiance to the Agong, has it ever occurred
to the Agong that he could or should question the Prime Minister
about the present precarious and dismal state of the nation of which he
is King of? 

does not the Agong wonder why if 51% of the people voted for Pakatan
Rakyat how come Barisan Nasional gets to form government? 

Back in 1998 when Anwar was
dismissed by Mahathir after being accused of sodomy, I wondered what went on in
the head  of the then king? Anwar was the deputy PM of his country. How
did he feel meeting other heads of states while his deputy PM was accused
of sodomy?

friend of mine told me that he was in a taxi in Bangkok soon after the
world saw the black eye image of Anwar. The driver asked him where he
was from and my friend said “Malaysia”. The taxi driver threw a
controlled punch towards his eye and nodded, “Yes, Malaysia. Very good.”

Okay, the King does not interfere in matters pertaining to
the administration of his country and he has an independent judiciary manned
by competent and upright judges to mete out justice. But what if the
decision of the court was a blatant travesty of justice? And the court
comprised of judges who took their oath of office in his presence. How could he
just sit back and not do anything while the whole world was questioning the
wisdom of the court’s decision? 
Sometimes these judges have erred so badly that even the
fisherman’s son was not surprised that it attracted negative world attention.
If he didn’t have a clue about what went wrong, then surely he could consult
some wise legal men. Then tell his PM and her husband (sorry)…tell  the husband of Rosmah to advice him
accordingly so that he could reverse the decision. Those judges have reasons to
decide the way they did, but if the decision went against justice, ignoring it
in the name of non-interference is not an option.
Then what about Major Zaidi Ahmad who, while
serving under the king as the supreme commander of the armed forces, was
charged and later sacked from the air force for filing a police report on the
inferior quality of the indelible ink used during GE13? Not even a sneeze was
heard from the supreme commander aka our King! 

not the Agong not want to know why Rosmah has use of the government jet
for her shopping forays and while on holidays? I mean if the Agong’s
wife does not get to use the government jet to go anywhere….how come
Rosmah can? Not only potong jalan but lawan towkay also!  

What about the 1MDB situation today? 

all this high finance stuff might be above the Agong’s ability to
comprehend (nothing to be shy about …even I have problems trying to
understand the mess myself…aiyah too many zelos ma!) but surely he can
get somebody to explain everything to him? At the very least the King
should understand that when he loans money to someone and they do not
pay it back on the day it was due there may be something wrong about his credit situation. Now if he does it the second tine then he knows
something is wrong. If the King can understand this then he should ask
his PM what is happening with 1MDB. Got money or not to pay? 

What about Razak Baginda and Altanatuya? 

not the Agong want to know how come Najib as the then Minister of
Defense choose his acquaintance/friend/fuck buddy (cross out whichever
you feel is not appropriate) to award/give/negotiate/gift (cross out
what you think is not appropriate) the purchase of the submarine from
the French? Did it not show bad judgement at the very best and at worse,
Najib was complicit in defrauding Mindef (which was then under his
watch) to enrich an undeserving, sexually promiscuous philandering
husband (this time no need to cross out anything – all verbs used
appropriately!) Muslim friend of his with RM500 million? 

was the King thinking when that Raba Raba moron from Rompin was
appointed as our envoy to Washington? Was the King tempted to ask Najib
why a sexual retard was being given such an senior posting? I am sure
the King knows because he also got jalan to find out  what that moron
from Rompin was Raba Rabaing! Nudge nudge, wink wink say no more lah!

the Agong does is stand at attention while all these high government
officials swear their allegiance to him. Of course he is better dressed
that those swearing their allegiance to him  
please lah after all that swearing should not the Agong swear back when
these same officials makes a mockery of what they have sworned to do
for King and Country?

What do these officials think of the Agong? 

might as well be swearing allegiance to a tree, a stone or even a
monkey because none of them would be bothered if those swearing the
allegiance say one thing and do another. In Bolehland the PM and his
Ministers must be smirking while swearing allegiance to the King for
they know that all that swearing means nothing!

aku panggil orang yang jadi Agong ni bodoh dia marah pulak
(translation: aiyah these King sometimes we call him stupid he gets
angry one!).  The king certainly has a role to play in protecting
the sovereignty and dignity of the country and its people. Now is as good
as any to start with that role.

With Thanks to KSA.