I have no interest in politics. Not the slightest of inclination to dabble in politics, do politics nor do I want to have anything to do with politicians. I do know a number of politicians from both side of the political divide but if truth be told, apart from those that I have known before they became politicians, those other politicians that I do know are not the type of people I would invite into my house for a meal with my family.    
I have been blogging for over four years and in that time I have had the privilege of knowing some remarkable bloggers who should really be, like me, doing anything else but blogging. 
Zorro Unmasked….the late Bernard. If anybody is older than me…Bernard is! We have never met in person but through his Zorro Unmasked blog he reached out to me to tell me that he reads what I write. I never got to tell Bernard how that made me feel but I can tell you that Bernard had in me a friend for life. And just as he reads what I write, I too read what he writes ….and why did Bernard blog with so much vigor and intensity? Let Bernard tell you himself…for this was what he told us about why he blogs:

About Me

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After doing the best I could for Patrina
and Kevin I would want my grandsons Bernard, Ryan and Patrick and
whoever Kevin fathers, to remember that their grandpa tried his best to
make this a better world for them.

And then there is Pak Arshad. I first knew him from his blog mind NO EVIL ….today he is on FB and writes passionately about all the things wrong in our country….and it was later…much much later before I found out that Pak Arshad is a Dato. It is  a measure of that man that there is nothing in his blog or his FB page that even hints of his Datukship. And all you will find about his past is “Worked at Malaysian Armed Forces” ….and if you read what Pak Arshad writes you will know that this man cares about the state of our nation today….and all this at a time when he should be resting after many many years of loyal service to our nation as a soldier. Douglas MacArthur said ”
“Old soldiers never die; they just fade away.”
Well this old soldier is a pain in Najib’s side and he certainly will not fade away for a long long time. Tabek Tuan!
There are many others that I keep in touch with because I read what they write and from time to time we “talk” over the net. Some have gone over to the “dark side”….and you cannot think to bad of them because we all have to earn a living somehow. And when you needs are many then you will have to find someone who can feed your needs and, sometimes, your greed. Good luck to them.
Sopian Ahmad
Recently I got to “know” Sopian Ahmad. His postings on his FB page was insightful, biting and most enjoyable reads for me and I started posting them on my blog because I thought it should be read by others. His writing were well read by those who stop to read this blog. When he told me that he used to work in Foreign Affairs I asked him if he had work under Abang Lah…and all he said was he used to be Abang Lah’s PA….and we left it at that. Again like Pak Arshad, how was I to know that Sopian is also a Datuk and that his last posting in Foreign Affairs was as Malaysian’s High Commissioner to New Zealand. In his retirement, he writes knowingly and with much credibility, about all things wrong with Malaysia – with emphasis on Najib for whom he has much to say….most of it not too good!
The late Bernard, Pak Arshad and Saudara Sopian…and do not forget me too….our “used by” date is way past expiry but why do we still write about how corrupt this BN government is under Najib Razak. We do this almost everyday….why?
Would we rather just spend time with loved ones…especially our grandchildren? 
Are we bothered about politics? Do we want to know about the second wife of Ministers? About the private jets put at Rosmah disposal? About 1MDB? About all that is wrong with Umno’s criminal elites? 
No we are not really bothered. We would rather be left alone to spend our retirement in grace and quiet repose….but how can we do so when things are the way they are in Malaysia today.  As Bernard said …all he wants to do is to leave for his grandchildren, a better world.
That is what all of us must do….leave a better Malaysia to those that comes after us. If you feel that that is not being done by our political leaders…by Najib Razak and his government …..then you must do what you can to get rid of these criminal political elites. 
We write….what will you do?